Why A Marathon?

1. I have always wanted to run a marathon. It's been on my list of life goals for about 15 years. Time to cross it off.

2. I need something positive to focus on; I am rather a high-strung, obsessive-ish, analytical-type person and I don't need to ruminate on all the negative stuff I keep hearing on the news. Therefore I will run to escape and not think about it.

3. I like running. A lot.

4. I feel better when I run: physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally

5. Colorado is beautiful, full of convenient trails, and what better excuse to spend a lot of useful time outside?

6. It sets a good example for my kids, shows them the importance I place on being physically active, fit, and healthy. Actions speak louder than words.

7. It might not stimulate the economy, but running with my husband is WAYYYY cheaper than going out to dinner or a movie. Or golf.

8. On second thought, me purchasing running gear just might stimulate the economy...better it be through running apparel than fast food or JCrew, no?

9. I'm an only child, I like to be alone, and running allows me my required weekly allotment of Alone Time.

10. I want a medal.

Why do you run?