So are you going to be a runner like your mommy?

The race was fun and had a pretty good turnout. The weather was perfect, the course was nice and just a little tough with mile 2 being a long, steady incline followed by a very steep San Francisco-style hill--the path up it even weaves back and forth all zig-zaggy--just before mile 3.

I had been forewarned by the Running Group that this was coming, so I kept myself a little slower than I felt capable of to start, and had 8:32 for the first mile. Now, I don't know that it was necessarily a good thing that I knew this nasty mile 2 was coming or not...because, I won't lie, I sagged a little bit there and even paused to re-tie my shoe and encourage my tired legs to keep going. (Maybe the long run yesterday followed with the race today was not the best move?*) But I managed to get moving again and finished up that mile I think around 9:40 or so. It's hard to say for sure, because I was borrowing the hubb-o's watch as mine is still not back home and honestly, I have no idea how to work it. Between trying to start/stop the timer and keep moving, I hit all kinds of buttons and somehow managed to split up the time for that mile into two segments...and then didn't know how to go back and review each segment afterward to add them up.

After the Big Hill, mile 3 was downhill so I picked up the pace a little and felt good again; I think that one was back at about 8:45 or so. As I was coming into the finish, saw some of the Running Group members (yeah, they are the ones that won the overall and each age group--boy did I pick the right crowd to train with) waving and cheering and taking pics and then heard Shortie1 yelling, "Hi Mommy! Yay Mommy, run fast! Go Mommy!" so that made it all cake right till the end. Finished at 27-something--will have to check the posted results later to see what the change was, as previously mentioned watch issues kept me from keeping track myself.

At the bagel shop afterward, the lady at the register saw my bib and asked Shortie1, "So, are you going to be a runner like your mommy?" To which Shortie1 answered, "oh yes, I want to be just like her, she runs so fast!" Yep, that's all the encouragement I need. Happy Saturday!

*Could have also been the beer and salty popcorn I ate at the Nuggets-Wizards game last night..but I figured, hey it's carbs. And you have to live a little.

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