No Time Like the Present

Well, I finally decided to suck it up and get blogging. After much lurking on many other blogs, hemming and hawing, and doubting that I have the time for this...I decided to just give it a go. I may not have the time to add this to my life, but hey--maybe no one will ever read it, therefore there will be no one to notice that I am too busy to write. Sweet: win-win!

So I decided in January that 2009 is the year that I am finally going to fulfill one of the items on my Things To Do Before I am 30* list: Run A Marathon. I have been a runner for oh about 15 years now--more if you count all my days playing soccer as a midfielder, which consisted mainly of running for an hour+ straight--but I have never really officially called myself a Runner. I really only a few did short races here and there--5 and 10Ks--but have let that slide a bit since having kids. Still do them occasionally, but now that the Shorties are old enough to (sort of) fend for themselves, or at least entertain themselves so Hubb doesn't go mad while I am out running for an hour or two, I have decided that I am ready to focus on the running again. Maybe be a Runner. And so, I realized I need a goal--a big, stretching, make-me-work-for-it-holy-bejeezus kind of goal--in the worst way right now. What better goal than a marathon? So, here I am...a couple of months into the training, working on getting my distance up, and loving it so far. I have to thank all the bloggy runners that came before me (see my list, at right) for motivating me and making me believe that I actually can do it, if I just decide to and train. Ready or not, here I come...

*Upon turning 30 a couple of years ago, has been amended to Things To Do Before I am 40. Still got a few years before I have to change to Things to Do Before I Die. At this point that is still to vague and far-offish sounding.

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  1. As a virgin blogger, myself, I can confidently say: Welcome to our world! ;)