Not dead...just in Omaha.

Weeeeell, we finally got 8/10 of the way moved (that's a fully-certified calculated figure). Close on our new house in 20 days and then we'll be all offically re-transplanted Omahans (yes, living in my parents' basement with two kids, two dogs, and a whole lotta loud tv upstairs has been fun and all, but hubs and I are ready for our own house again. Like last month.). Anyway, I have still been running consistently though it has been a stunningly harsh adjustment to this moistly-evil humidity. Not gonna lie, I am not at all a pretty picture after a run in these parts; I finish even a short 3-miler literally soaking wet. Head to toe. Soaked. Every time. Even when it's "cool" (and no, it is NEVER cool in Nebraska in July).

I had a short work-related trip to Boston earlier this month and had a fabulous time running around the city. It was ungodly and unnaturally hot, but still good, sweaty fun. There were also a couple yoga sessions (I was stressed, bored, and traveling on my own) which had the effect of making me desperately crave more yoga. Like Starbucks, only ah, better for me.

I was all prepared to run the San Francisco Marathon last Sunday, but ended up having to eat the registration fee when it became apparent a couple weeks ago that it was simply not going to happen. I ended up having to go back to Denver to deal with stuff instead, and so I had to kiss my hopes for SFM and a run across the Golden Gate Bridge goodbye for this year...ahh well, maybe next year. So, since the homefront will be a little more settled in the near future, I am now setting my sights on the Omaha Marathon in September instead. (can't beat a local race, even in Omaha) And of course, I did my crazy-ass preregistration for the Denver Marathon waaaaaay back in January, so I've got that one in my sights for October as well. I've really been having the itch to race the last couple of weeks, so I think I'll have to snoop around and see what's happening nearby in the meantime. Maybe just a little old 5k to get the race juices flowing, no?

And oh yeah, my dear old buddy Cross Country Squared managed to birth her twins in 4 minutes flat (running isn't the only thing she does fast), as well as lose damn near every bit of baby "weight" she gained growing them. She is my new pregnancy role model (thank God I've given up pregnancy, I could never live up to that pressure).