The Race(s) Is On

I have officially registered for some 2010 races. If you pay any attention to my little box over there on the right entitled "Upcoming Races" you'll notice it has been shifting and changing quite frequently the last couple of weeks. And, if you don't pay any attention to that box, well, here is your recap.

My plan for this year was to have a good, solid race schedule planned out early in the year so that I could:
1) take advantage of the lower prices on early registration fees
2) pay up now, so that I can't back out later or pussyfoot on the training
3) pre-plan so I'll not have to think about or decide which races to run later on, when I am tired and busy and braindead

I have sorta half-assedly started to accomplish this task. I know I will run a spring marathon. I'd like to run one in say March or April, but unfortunately there aren't any conveniently close to Denver that don't require gratuitous travel to particpate. Therefore, my choices are either the Colfax Marathon or the Colorado Marathon. They are on consecutive weekends, so I can't do both (nor am I sure I am even capable of that, having never actually completed a full marathon before). I have to decide which one soon, as I want to hit goal 1 above, plus the CO is capped and usually fills up early. But I'm having a really hard time deciding which.

-Conveniently located in Denver--no travel required
- Race is later (5/16) which means an extra week of training time or more importantly, an extra week of slacking off before starting training
- Registration Fee $90

- Course is entirely city streets...and not the most beauteous parts of Denver at that
- Hilly course (see elevation profile)
- Notoriously bad race t-shirts (cotton)

Colfax: I don't like the look of your midsection one bit...

- Downhill course (see elevation profile)
- Beautiful scenery through Poudre River valley, "fastest and most scenic marathon in Colorado"
- Race is sooner (5/9) which means I am a week closer to starting my training and getting it done

- Nastay Logistics Requre Extra Brainpower: Will have to drive up to Ft. Collins night before so can catch bus to race start at 4:00AM; will have to go alone (so hubs can keep track kids) or arrange familial situation to allow travel and spectating
- Must wake up before 4:00AM
- Point-to-point course
- Registration Fee $105

Colorado: Ooh, me likey! This downhill whore has marathon prey in her lusty sights...

Anyway, in the meantime I have managed to register for the Denver Marathon in October again (early reg was only $70, can't beat that and it seems so far away that I am not really grasping the reality that I am now committed to doing more than one marathon in 2010) and the Platte River Half Marathon (reasonably priced, caps entries, and the only local Half before whichever full marathon I decide to do) in April, which runs along my favorite trail. I've also managed to fill in some other 5K, 10K, 5M and 10M races along the way. Give me another week and I should have this planning done. Or not.

SO, share your vote on which marathon I should do in the comments. (OBVI, being the downhill whore that I am, I am leaning towards Colorado...but the lazy side of me just dreads all those pre-race and raceday logistics....)


  1. Colfax could give out a bag of gold and I wouldn't do it with that mountain climb in the middle.

  2. I vote for Colorado. Yes, there is extra $$ involved for the overnite and fee, and yes, you have to wake awfully early, but let's face it - Colfax is Colfax. Do you even enjoy driving down Colfax? Hmm I thought so.

  3. $15 difference in race fees don't make a difference but that elevation profile would point me at Colorado. The logistics will work themselves out.

  4. I vote for Colorado. I like that downhill route myself. That Colfax route looks scary in the middle!

  5. Um, I would think it rather OBVIOUS! Colfax sucks. For a multitude of reasons. You can read into that however you'd like. Plus, it's just one LONG road for 26.2 miles. And we KNOW what the scenery is like on Colfax. Who knows what you'll see. Thus the "suck" reference.

    Run Colorado.

  6. ^^~~輕輕鬆鬆的逛部落格,多謝有您的分享哦~~~........................................

  7. I think that you know my vote already since I have been hounding you with it every time I post. Yes, I am dreading the 6:00 am start time, but that's ok.

    If you stay at the Hilton in Ft Collins (discounted fee), there is a bus that leaves directly from there. Makes it easier.
    I am getting ready to register for Denver R&R too.

  8. From one downhill whore to another -- Colorado fo sho!