Resolved to a great 2010 in which I will myself to learn to love the treadmill....starting, now

Ah yes, for the fun and functional recap/resolution/goals post!

2009 RECAP

  • I think I mentioned, but I will get my full marathon in 2010. fo reals. dammit! And once that's done, I'd like to do another. Or two. We'll see.
  • I resolve to learn to like the treadmill again. (Not just tolerate it, but like it. Yeah, them's strong words.) Concurrently inspired by RW article (the one in January with the treadmill workouts...no online posting?) and scared by another, I vow to make the mill a part of my training arsenal. I've abstained for over 3 years; it is time to get treadmill nastay again in 2010!

  • Run, train, and race without breaking or injuring anything. I accept that this may mean I run slower than my ego likes.

  • Reduce the sugar consumption. I eat pretty healthy already--lots of veggies, fruits, legumes, variety, home-cooked--but the large, gaping Sweet Tooth that is actually probably more like the entire Sweet Lower Mandible has got to get whupped into shape. The running counterbalances in terms of calories, but dang that sugar is just not good for me and I feel soooo much better when I go without. So I resolve to do better this year. Not sure what that will mean for my steady PB (ok, maybe I am really referring to the PB M&Ms) addiction, but we'll see how that plays out. One has to make small allowances, right?!
  • Resume daily meditation practice. When I am doing yoga alot, this kind of takes care of itself. And actually, many days, running is for me a meditation. But I'd like to work back into the sit-on-the-floor-in-silence kind, cause, well, it gets my deep juices flowing and my brain is happier and more creative. Plus the deep breathing helps me with my running breathing. (It all circles back to running, it always does)
  • More pictures in my blog posts. Yeah, all text is boring. I know. (And believe it or not, mitigating boring-ass text is actually kinda what I do for a living. Go figure why I don't do it here. I'll claim it is respect for image copyrights or something noble like that, but it is really more a function of laziness.)
  • No, it's not running-related...but who out there doesn't think
    mother-daugher pouty faces are cute?!

  • TBD - I like to leave space to add a mid-year goal or two. I think ahead like that.
1-Anyone who knows me personally, knows that this is only a portion of my 2010 goals and that the balance of them are laid out all business-nerd-style in a master listdocument divvied up by categories and sections and timeframes and crap. But on this blog I pledge to only bore with running nerdiness, not my other more general nerdiness. You're welcome.


  1. 1. Happy 2010!!! These are great goals and despite the injury you still had an excellent 2009! Thanks for linking back to the race recaps, as I came on as a reader after a few of them and admittedly never had a chance to read them.

    2. Yaktrax!!!! I seriously can't wait to see these things! I'm so mystified! LOL!

    3. The Marathon is waiting for you! You WILL do it and I can't wait to read all about it!

    4. I always refer to my blog friends as my friends or "I know someone who ran..." :)

  2. I like your 2010 goals - although learning to "like" the treadmill may take more than a year. Yuck.

  3. Those sound like GREAT goals... esp. the treadmill. I've been trying to learn not to want to shoot myself while running on a treadmill and it just isn't working.

    I actually moved last month and didn't give RW enough warning, so I've missed the last 2 issues :( If they aren't too much could you possible send or post 1 or 2 of the treadmill workouts??? That would be SO helpful!!!

    Happy New Year!

  4. Wait - no repeat as Mother of the Year?

  5. Aww, that daughter of yours is getting so big. I remember when she was born!

    I'm old.