Denver Marathon Gets The Boot

Well, boys and girls, despite all your well-wishes and my fervent hopes (bordering on anti-fracture prayer obsession), I am indeed today in a boot. Stress fracture on second metatarsal bone. 3-4 weeks of no running and limited walking. Spectator status for the Denver Marathon on the 18th.

Luckily, I am well past the crying phase and have moved into the, "hey, my foot doesn't hurt as much with this big bad-ass boot on," and my persepctive has shifted.

Good things about my broken foot:
- The bone I broke heals relatively quickly and generally without complications or future issues
- No high heels for a month
- Boot is black--as opposed to the electric blue one I had when I broke my ankle and had surgery on it in high school--and therefore matches all of my clothing
- No surgery
- No crutches
- Getting sympathy votes
- More time to read
- Running timeslot(s) can become daily meditation timeslots (more on that later)
- Good reason to finally try swimming again
- Less laundry, without running clothes to wash

Bad things about my broken foot:
- No running for a month
- No Denver Marathon, which means no extra-special Mile-High Experience medal
- Snow season is approaching--like, tomorrow--in Colorado
- Though black, boot is still ugly
- Driving a stickshift? Not so easy
- No running for a month

So, as you can see, the list of good things is actually longer than the list of bad things. Yes, I am really disappointed I don't get to do the race in a couple weeks (I really wanted that extra medal, dammit). My one big goal for 2009 was to run a marathon. Finally, after so many years of running, I committed myself to prepare for it and do it. I stuck with it, through ups and downs, intervals and lsd runs, and I was this close to making it....then, BOOM: failed.
And then yesterday I was thinking and it occured to me that I had run two half marathons this summer. A half, plus a half equals....a whole marathon. So, technically, I did achieve my goal of running a marathon this year; just not the way I had imagined or planned to do it. But life rarely gives you just what you are expecting; and that doesn't make the accomplishments any less valid or the ride any less fun. So, though disappointed, I am now actually kind of ok with the whole situation. Course, I may feel differently when the painkillers have worn off.


  1. Boo! Hiss!

    Sympathy vote. Milk it for all it is worth.

  2. Oh man I am SO sorry and I mean it when I say I know how you feel. Really stinks that you are out of the Denver Marathon. Such a let down. And I will say everything everyone has said to me: you will be back, you will be back stronger. Hang in there. I was told no running for two months. Only one month for you? I want to go to your doctor.

  3. I'm sorry girl! I kept my fingers crossed and everything!!! I vote with Jamoosh, milk it for all its worth! Celebrate that you did in fact run far more than a marathon... consider all your training and you've fun a few...

    This too shall pass and you'll be back out there in no time!

  4. Sorry to hear about the stress fracture. I had some stress fractures from running when I was in high school. I had a total meltdown when I found out I couldn't run for 6 weeks! It was like the world was ending. In my defense, I was 16.

    You'll be back soon enough, and planning more running adventures! It is a huge bummer though...I'm thinking good thoughts for you!

  5. Geez....that totally sucks. I'm so sorry!

    Hang in there, you'll be outta that lovely boot in no time and posting about your upcoming races!

    I am soooo not looking forward to the snow.

  6. Yup, been totally in your "boot" and down that road of "failure".
    However, time does go by fast, even though it doesn't seem to. I feel like it was so long ago when I was out and about milking every sympathy vote I could with my boot on!

  7. That really sucks. But you definitely didn't fail! You've accomplished a lot this year.

  8. uggg no :( i am sorry!!! i hope you heal up very FAST!

  9. awww nooo...that really IS heart breaking with only 2 weeks to go...i commend you for handling it so well and wish you a speedy recovery...and yeah, you SHOULD be proud of all your accomplishments thus far!!

  10. Oh man. So sorry to hear that.

    Hoping for a speedy recovery.

    And no high heels? YEAY!!!

  11. Writes to the service have been disabled, we will be bringing everything back online ASAP

  12. well crap! I had a strss fracture around this time last year. Same deal, no running, no marathon training, boo... I am sure everyone has already told you but don't rush back into running before you truly heal. I did and ended up having to do the boot twice. Since then, all is great and I have run two marathons with my friends I call orthotics. I loved being able to wear flip flops to work maybe that was the best part :)

  13. Sorry about your foot and the Denver Marathon; I ran it yesterday, in stretches here and there while pacing a friend, and it was a nice day for it (though a bit too warm at the end). You will rebound, once healed, and find another. There's so many great ones out there!

    It appears we live in the came proximity of one another; if you'd like to get together for run, sans black boot, give me a holler - would be fun!