How Glad Am I Not To Be Wearing The Boot in The Blizzard?


20" of snow at my house, so far. Still snowing through the day.

In running news, I did manage to complete 4/10 mile (4 laps at the indoor track) on Tuesday night. No pain, no tenderness. Progress. Though I am thinking I won't be doing the running club group run scheduled for Saturday morning. Unless at least 10" of snow can melt by then...


  1. Don't you have snow shoes or something up yonder?

  2. 20" is a lot! (That's what SHE ... aw, f*ck it. Too easy. My heart isn't in it.)

    Put the boot back on (along with Teh Re-Purposed Football Helmet and Body Armor) and your HAWTNESS will melt at least 10 inches! (That's what SHE said! O, YEAH! My heart's back in it!)

  3. That's a lot of snow! Good thing you don't have the boot on.

  4. I'm done with the snow, it can go away now!! And melt fast. I had to go to 24-hour and do 12 miles on a treadmill. It wasn't so bad, a change from the norm, but honestly...this is enough snow! Glad you had no pain on your run...you'll be back at it soon!!