The Boot Gets The Boot

Well running friends....my AWOL time is nearing its end. It has been 3 weeks and 3 days since I fractured my metatarsal and was confined to The Boot. Per the doctor's instructions, I have behaved, worn the boot, and let my foot heal to the best of my ability. It is no longer tender, nor in pain...I can walk without a limp. I spent the weekend around the house sans boot, and still all felt fine.

I have been swimming and lifting weights in my forced running sabbatical. On Saturday, I tried my old yoga class to see how the foot held up. All was well. Sunday I did a test lap on the track after my weight/core session...and, well, one lap was all I managed. The foot felt a little weak (to be expected) yet not exactly painful. It was somewhat tender afterward, so I decided I will give it another week before trying running again. Also, I believe that my 10-month old shoes with 700+ miles on them may have been somewhat of a causal factor in the fracture in the first place. On my test lap, I was very, very aware of what my footstrike was doing; I felt a distinct oddness/hollowness in the forefoot of my right shoe; just in the area where my stress fracture occurred. Why didn't I notice that before I broke my foot?!

Anyway, who doesn't love a reason to buy a new pair of running shoes?! Perhpaps in pink this time, rather than blue?! Asics 2140's here I come...


  1. Yay! No more boot! I've had to wear the dreaded boot too, but I had to wear for 6 weeks! I always felt super silly walking around in it. Congrats!

  2. Trading the boot for a new pair of 2140's - NICE! Yeay :D

  3. I love me the 2140's! Congrats on giving the boot the boot!!!

  4. Surely, you must kick somebody (who deserves it of course) before losing the boot. Give 'em the "boot" so to speak.

  5. Yes, I'm sure the 700+ miles had something to do with it. That, and kicking a brick wall. What? You didn't kick a brick wall?Nevermind.


  6. Am I the only one who thought Teh Boot was kinda ... hawt? Man, I had these visions of you in that boot with a re-purposed football helmet on your head to keep you from inadvertently causing brain injury to yourself; possibly you were wearing some kinda body armor, too, in case you got all worked up over something, like seeing a squirrel, and started flailing away and hitting yourself ... I mean, come ON! Like I said - HAWT.

    Really? I'm the only one?

    If so, can I have the boot? It's for ... um ... a "friend". He promises not to do anything weird with it.

    But he's a liar.