Race Lineup

A few of you have asked, so I figured I'd share what I have kind of settled on for my summer training/race plans.

Train to break 2:00 in Rocky Mountain Half on 6/14 by using training plan below. May do some shorter races (5/10k) after the half.

RW Smart Coach set to "Moderate" training for a theoretical marathon on 7/26 (i.e. San Francisco). May or may not actually end up running SFM, but going to train as though I am, and see where it gets me....won't push to the point of injury but want to see what progress I can make by then. Cause I need to be ready for me fall races... will probably do some shorter races for fun and to see if I have gotten any faster...I know there is a 4th of July somethingK near my house.

Depending on how the training goes and if I actually end up doing SFM, I may look for an August marathon. As alternatives, I have the Georgetown-Idaho Springs Half Marathon (close and cheap and a distance I know I can handle) or joining my coworker's team for the Wild West Relay, an ultra relay where I would ultimately end up running about 25 miles in 5-6 mile increments over 24 hours. That's a little outside of my race comfort zone...which means I am scared to do it but that it would probably end up being fun as hell.

Omaha Marathon 9/27 - considering doing this is a newbie "trial" marathon with no pressure just to see how I do, mentally prepare myself, and make adjustments for Denver.

Denver Marathon 10/18- registered and paid, no going back. Plus I want the special Mile High Experience medal I can get for doing both the Rocky Mtn Half and the Denver full. (Seriously, I am not sure that there isn't anything I WON'T do for a cheesy, generic finisher's medal. Try me! ) This isn't exactly the "mile high experience" I have always fantasized about, but that's probably a conversation for another type of blog...

After Denver, I'll see where I'm at and how I feel about doing more marathons....I am posting this now for accountability but probably by the end of June, I'll have changed my plans...


  1. Ok I'll talk about the "mile high experience" on my blog then :P I'm KIDDING!

    Looks like a good schedule :-)

  2. I'm running Georgetown and Denver (the half). I say that to encourage you to sign up for Georgetown, but maybe it will do the opposite. ;)

  3. Ohhhh I'm craving that Mile High Experience medal too so I guess I should check it out.

    I ran the ET Full Moon Marathon in August last year. It's quite an experience... very different.

    I am proabably going to do the Denver Oyster Urban Adventure race in August. Now THAT should be a blast!

  4. If you were able to run 6 miles at 8:16 pace, that sub-2 HM should be yours!!

    I'm trying to get there. Slight hiccup with the current training cycle though.

  5. This isn't exactly the "mile high experience" I have always fantasized about, but that's probably a conversation for another type of blog...

    If you meant MY blog, where such stuff is discussed like everyday, you should have ASKED first. But, okay, you can.

    The somethingK is my favorite distance. I want to join the SomethingK-High Club wunna these daze ...