Incredible Shrinking Sports Bra, Take 1 (and 2)

So has anyone else (and by "anyone" I mean the women-folk as I neither want to know or hear about any shrinking manziere experiences that may be lurking out there) experienced this? I have two sports bras--both sweat-wicking, tech fabric types--that shrink when I wear in them. Specifically, when I sweat in them. They are different styles of bras, and made of different fabrics (one is some tree-hugging bamboo fiber concoction, one is earth-polluting synthetic unpronouncable schmah-schmah fabric) but they are both made by Champion. I thought I was imagining the shrinkage, but this morning determined that it is, in fact real (don't ask my testing method, just blindly believe in the validity of the statistic). I would go so far as to say they are even a little loose when dry, pre-run. Post run, suctioned onto me like royal-blue and hot-pink sausage casings, respectively. Is it just me? And if so, why????

As for the body, seems to be holding up, the ART really did work. I ran did 35 minutes on Wednesday, post-ART and did my homework of yoga last night. The hip feels good and loose, but today my gluts are S.O.R.E from the yoga. But it's a good sore....I will definitely be going back to yoga regularly from here on out. Ran 4 miles this morning on my favorite Highline Canal trail with a couple of running buddies (thankfully not the Flying Frenchman, but some more moderatly-paced girls), have a follow up ART session this afternoon, and am feeling good for the race Sunday. Good luck to everybody racing this weekend, and a hearty God Speed; May You Not Die to those individuals attempting a brick in hostile territory. You know who you are.


  1. Maybe exercise just makes you t*ts grow.

    Ever think of that, sister?

    Mystery solved. You're welcome.

    And stop knocking manzieres and manziere-wearers! We have feelings too, you know!

  2. You're sweet with the shout-out. :o) The "trail" is only broken up for about 1/4 mile around Oakview. I'm sure that'll be nice and traffic-free Saturday morning when I'm trying to do this.

    RE: the shrinking sports bra. YES! Happens to me all the time! Especially my Target ones. After some long runs I'm too tired to peal it off myself, so I make Matt do it. He's always "ewwwww, it's wet!" Pansy. I told him it's a free show, but somehow the stench is unappealing. Whatev.

  3. Good luck to you and your sports bra this weekend!

  4. I prefer to wear Nike sports bras always.!! I like the design and quality.