Less Fun Than Bingo, More Fun Than Strep

I won't lie or sugarcoat, today's run was not that much fun. But let me start at the beginning.

I have OFFICIALLY started my Denver Marathon training plan. Like, an actual plan, on paper, where I do the workouts it tells me to, rather than just running willy-nilly and changing my schedule every week.

And of course, in true M2 fashion, I promptly changed the schedule during both weeks 1 and 2. But I only made minor adjustments, like swapping days a couple times--I still did the appropriate workouts for the week. That being said, for my week 2 swap, I took Sunday off (instead of monday) and was going to do Tuesday's workout on Monday. Except that I felt kinda crummy when I woke up to run Monday morning, so I decided I'd do it later. (Oh--did I mention Shortie2 came down with strep throat Friday, just in time for my return from Philly? Well yeah. So I've been on strep throat duty, monitoring the rest of the family for any signs or symptoms in order to mitigate the sick damage to our household.) Well, then Shortie1 had soccer camp and it was steamy hot so I never made it out Monday evening. So, schedule shot. Except that on the schedule I was supposed to take Tuesday as rest...great, I'll just do Monday's workout on Tuesday!

And then it poured just as I was heading out to take Shortie1 to soccer camp yesterday, where I was going to run around the path at the soccer park. So, we had to take it inside to the nasty 1/10 mile track. I was supposed to do 4 easy miles, but I think I actually only did about 3.5 as I was NOT feeling the track workout and 32 minutes was all I could stand. My throat was a little ouchie yesterday, so I made a doc appointment for today, just to make sure it's not the dreaded strep.

Which brings us to this morning's Not Fun Run. I got up at 5:20 and was out the door by 5:30. I didn't feel too bad, the throat actually felt better so I figured the 6-mile hill run would be a cinch. The first 2 miles were decent, and after that is usually when I settle in and start rolling...and I kept waiting...and I still just felt all awkward and stilted and my breathing was off and my stride felt weird and my arms felt too high...then too low...then I got hungry. Like tummy-growling hungry, and all i could think about was eating some cheerios (I had eaten a banana and that is usually all I can do before a morning run). And it went downhill from there. By the end, I was starving and wore out.

I knocked it out and finished up, but it was not a great run. Which means my next one will be awesome, right? Right??! RIGHT??!?! (Unless, of course I really DO have strep, in which case my next one will probably suck, too.)


  1. Everything about this made me smile. :o) Half because it was so you and half because it was so me.

    I still bow to your morning running. I got up at 6 yesterday for 5 miserable miles and spent the entire day reveling in my awesomeness. Screw the time, screw the distance, I got up!

  2. Strep is so yuck - we had it at our house this spring and it sucks! Hope you are able to keep free of it and the runs get better. You're due!

  3. Any run at 5:30 in the morning should automatically be awesome because I'm impressed by anyone who can run that early in the morning!

  4. I had one of the best and longest runs of my life just before I was diagnosed with strep.

    I'm not saying that means you will have a similar experience.

    So what's my point?

    My point: My life sux.

  5. My run today wasn't very good either. Don't worry about changing your training plan--think of it as more of a guide.