Gizmo is ALIVE!

Yep, that's my little buddy, alive and well
again, and sitting backwards on my wrist so
I can give you all the thumbs-up to show my joy.

All my previous run data is now deleted, but Praise the Sweet Running Gods, Gizmo's alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you gremlin support center!

Thanks everyone for your gear votes. I bandwaggoned and ordered the flaming pink Recovery Socks (which I will count as both choices 'A' and 'D' because they are 30 bucks, yo and so therefore I must count them toward multiple categories in order to stay guilt-free about going over my self-imposed $15 sock limit...yes, I am that sad). And as a wildcard entry, I am eyeballing a pair of sweet Asics 2140's that are on sale...they are my fav shoe but mostly just considering them cause they're on sale and I'll eventually need another pair this summer, so why not?....but not sure if I can pull the trigger on them.

As for Wednesday's Running Day Runapalooza, I did a full running grab bag, including:
  • 3 easyish/tempoish miles at 8:30-40 pace at Wash Park
  • 1 mile warmup at 8:50 pace at the track
  • 1 mile time trial w/running group........my time=7:26 (my last trial in March resulted in an 8:45 so there is definite improvement there...I guess speedwork really does work)
  • 400 easy pace
  • 2x400 stride chasers with the group
  • 1.25 mile (had to even it out) cooldown at 9:00 pace
GRAND TOTAL 7.03 miles of easy/tempo/speed/stride training. If that doesn't say "I love running" I don't know what does.


  1. Gizmo lives!!! YAY!!!

    Good call on the pink socks. I wore mine after the race last Saturday, and I thought I was cool stuff to be around all these new girls with my legit Recovery Socks. Until it occured to me that I'm wearing jeans and all the can see is teh foot part and they probably think I'm one of those weird people who wears Wacky!Socks! all the time. My quest then became trying to figure out a way for them to see the wording on side of the socks without being too obvious.

    Mission accomplished at DSW. :o)

  2. So happy to hear about Gizmo - we do grow quickly attached to our toys, don't we?

  3. No, what says "I love running" is when you scream out your Garmin's name during sex: "O Gizmo!"

    Which is also weird UNLESS ... you happen to be having sex with the Garmin itself at the time. (After all, you can't spell "resurrection" without "urrection", which is like an "erection" except an "erection" doesn't need U.)

    Your Garmin has the latest "attachments", right?

    Nice job on the NRD runs, Speedy McSpeedy Pants. Gizmo must be so proud of you.

  4. LOL you guys crack me up!

    @XC2 - you're like my sista from another...mista(?) that works, right?

    @jawsome - I'm attached like ashton to demi

    @gqh - ssshh, don't tell hubs that gizmo really isn't my new pet name for him.

  5. Yay I'm glad Gizmo is back in action.

    I definitely try to stock up on running shoes when I spot them on sale. I usually buy two pairs, although I strongly consider three. Paying full price for running shoes is not my style...I'm too cheap!

  6. So happy Gizmo made it through - what a relief! Way to go on the big track workout, and huge improvement in your mile time trial!

  7. Yeay for Gizmo's resurrection!

    That's how I wear mine all the time, btw.