National Running Day!

Most of us who love running enough to read, blog, and obsess about it don't need a reason to run. So I don't need NATIONAL RUNNING DAY to get me motivated to run. But is is on it's way to becoming my new favorite holiday! Why? Because I will celebrate with a run (of course) and more importantly, by purchasing some new running gear, guilt-free. But what wondrous gear should I buy???? Show of hands, please:

A - Recovery/compression socks...with monkeys on them (I will find them, and if I can't, then I'll knit them myself, dammit! And no, I do not know how to knit. minor detail)

B - Snazzy running skirt (I'm thinking pink)

C - Fuel belt (definitely NOT snazzy, but rather useful on the 16-18-20-mile runs I have coming up in the next few weeks in the summer heat...assuming it stops RAINING here)

D - Illogically expensive, brightly-colored, hi-tech running socks (but I refuse to spend more than $15 on said socks...they're SOCKS for pete's sake)

E - Some other fun piece of gear that I have yet to think of...suggestions?


  1. F. JOIN MILE-HIGH CLUB and blog about it!1! With PIX!1! And not those "tasteful, arty" ones! NAS-TAY ones!1!

  2. I say C, because that is on my list as well. I personally will have to pass on the running skirt.... oh wait, we are not talking about me, but you!

  3. First, I LOVE your race plan. I'd endorse Omaha since I'll probably be there, but it's not nearly as pretty as San Fran, Idaho, or Denver. It takes you through FLORANCE for crying out loud. Love that you're a ho for a finishers medal though. I'm the exact same way with race t-shirts. :o)

    Onto these purchases:

    a.) I LOVE my compression socks. L O V E. They do wonders for my giant calves. I'm... uh... not so much help with the monkey quest though.

    b.) Running shirts are pretty adorable. Isn't there a skirt chaser race in CO some time? That would be fun AND you get a free skirt out of the deal.

    c.) I'm way to vain to wear one of these. :o) Might have been helpful to have my own gatorade this weekend when I was staggering around the finish line about to collaps though.

    d.) With all the feet problems I've had, I'm big into illogical tech socks too. I justify that my doctor told me I can't be wearing cheap socks. Well, he did go to med school.

    e.) Not sure I can think of anything else. I just dropped close to $450 in two days on a Garmin, new shoes, and a late entry to the Council Bluff (WT CB!? I know, right?) half on Sunday, so I'm pretty much spent.

  4. I'd buy all of that stuff. It is national running day after all, pretty sure that calls for a splurge!

  5. C...or A...or B...or all of them? I thinking about a fuel belt/water bottle holder as well, and everyone seems to love their compression socks so I might have purchase them too!

    Can we make it running month and buy all of the above??