I Got Schooled by a Flying Frenchman

I ran on Saturday with 3 guys. The plan was that three of us were doing a 13 mile loop on the trails, and the fourth guy was just doing an out-and-back 6 miles. After taking Thursday/Friday off for my back pain last week (hoping it would magically disappear), by Saturday it wasn't really better but wasn't really any worse, either...I was stretching a lot and I figured I would try the run; it would either make it better or worse. I wasn't sure which.

The four of us had agreed to run a 9:30 pace for the run. But though probably in his 60's, the Flying Frenchman (not to be confused with a Flying Dutchman , of any variety...) is a pretty fast runner (like a ridiculous 3-hour marathoner) and as soon as we started, after we chatted about what our goals for RMHM are next week, and what we ran on our 1-mile time trials, he determined that we should be running faster. I knew this was probably a bad idea for me but I succombed to peer pressure because I felt fine, back was ok, and I could keep up (plus I was NOT going to be the pu$$y-ass girl that couldn't hang with the guys).

That lasted for the first 9 miles. It was preetty warm by then and the remainder of the run was uphill...not impossible, but I started getting tired...my form went to crap...and the back started aching. I finally threw in the towel to walk with about a mile and half left, when the pain nearly forced tears. One guy ran ahead and since I knew my way back to the start, I figured the Flying Frenchman would go with him. Not so.

Instead, as we walked, I was treated to a leeeeennnnnggggtttthhhyyyyyyy discourse on All Things Running. Now, I am not new to running and most of it I already knew...but since he is a fairly nice man who probably meant well, and I don't know him that well (and quite frankly his sexay French accent was entrancing), I just let him blab and feel like he was educating me.

As for the back, I now fear it is actually piriformis strain....and I am still in serious pain. So I guess I am off to the doctor tomorrow to determine if I can be fit to run a half marathon by Sunday. Yay.


  1. a.) I'm a TOTAL sucker for a sexy accent. If a guys talks like chef Eric Ropert, he can babble about anything he wants.

    b.) Noooo, not more pain! Listen to the doctor and take it easy. Backs aren't anything to mess around with. Get well soon.

  2. Sorry about the back pain. I've had that before, and found that I have to let it complete heal before running agin, otherwise it just never goes away.

  3. It would be fun to listen to a French guy talk about running! I hope the doc has good words for you and that your back feels better!

  4. Good luck with the back pain, sister!

    When you started to tell a tale of how you re-hurt it with three other guys, my first thoughts were: Yay, sister!1! GO FOR IT!1! ...

    Now, I'm sitting here untitillated and realizing that "getting schooled by a flying Frenchman" does NOT mean what I thought (and hoped), I'm thinking now more like, "Don't let your peers pressure you into doing things you know you shouldn't!"

    Unless it's that OTHER kind of "Flying Frenchman".

    That would be WORTH a sore back.

  5. I think the trouble started when the guys picked up the pace on you and you somehow let them...hmmm...did they NOT know you were just recovering from injury?

    Hope the doc has good advice for you.

  6. Back pain is the worst. I hate when the pace gets picked up and you have to decide whether to go for it or not. I usually ignore that little voice and make the wrong call. Blame it on the French ..lol