And the Winner Is...

...the Colorado Marathon on May 9. Hands-down. I have just heard too many good things about it, and the course was just too enticing (hello, all that sexay downhill)....and then of course there was the unanimous comment vote, duh. So I am happy to say that I am all registered up, officially ON with my marathon training and of course, super-excited about it.
Really, who can pass up a marathon course like this?!

I also registered for the Platte River Half Marathon on April 11, which fits perfectly into my marathon training, and is also supposed to be a great, great race. Plus I know a few other local runners who are doing that one, so there is the added benefit of having running buddies in the crowd. (I do love seeing familiar faces at the start of the race. Plus, it comes with lunch at the Buckhorn Exchange afterward. Denver's oldest restaurant. And did you see those animal heads? Win-win-win.)

I've had a couple nice runs over the past few days--a good 8.85 (eh, we stopped a little short of the 4.5 mile turnaround on the out-and-back)-miler on Saturday with the HRRC group out at Chatfield State Park. There were actually 5M and 10M races going on there at 10:00a that day, but I decided that I didn't feel like racing (or paying money for a meh race experience) and ran with the group at 8:00a instead. I was glad I did. It was a good run, and the longest I've done since the Evil Stress Fracture last fall.

This morning, I had a nice early morning 5-miler with another running buddy, and though I was very, very tired (methinks a cold is coming on, sore throat and stuffy head ensued this afternoon) I am glad that we did it. I was tired, but it wasn't so bad that I wanted to quit or even considered a shorter run. Just kind of blah. Anyway, I think I'll rest tomorrow, hope it's not a cold in the works, and hit it again on Thursday morning.

And finally, I am weighing whether or not I will use an actual Training Plan for this round of marathon training, or just kind of make up my own thing based on what I know I need to do to be ready....maybe more discussion on this to follow sometime this week. (I know, it simply doesn't get more exciting than that!)


  1. Yay for Colorado! Although that picture looks a lot like my home state of NH.

    I made up my own training schedule for my spring marathon. I hope I didn't cock it up to badly. :)

  2. Looks like great scenery for the marathon! I've always CO is a beautiful place.
    Good luck with the training, either planned or on your own!

  3. Woo hoo!!!! I'm excited for you!

  4. I was all excited about a potential Platte River State Park race, but no. Apparently there's a Platte River race in CO. Boo. :o)

    If your goal is to just finish respectably on this first marathon, I don't think a training plan is absolutely necessary. Long runs on the weekend, medium long runs mid-week, and fill out the rest with whatever feels right. That worked for me.

  5. Hooray! Can't wait for Colorado! I'll probably be out there, though not racing.

  6. I'm going to either run (slowly since it's 2 weeks after Boston) the 1/2 at the CO Marathon or I'm going to try to go and cheer you guys all on. I'm so excited for you!! Happy Weekend!!

  7. 我愛那些使自己的德行成為自己的目標或命定的人 ..................................................

  8. I did the boulder backroads marathon and actually HATED it! Glad you didn't pick that one!!!

  9. Hooray! (I'm back from a long bloggy sabbatical) - I will also be running the CO marathon and possibly the platte river half as well (depending on my bank account). I too am excited about all that glorious downhill!