Life, and Stuff

I am alive but have just been busy the last couple weeks with:

  • Running - consistent early (5:45AM) morning runs with running buddy Shawna two or three times a week. We've got a good flow and schedule between 3-5-7 mile runs, on hills, some days faster, some days slower, couple of tempo-ish. Did have a brief hiatus (see: Health, below) last week/end though.
  • Racing - my first race since last fall is coming up this weekend, yay!! The Super Bowl 5K is on Sunday and while I'm running it, I am not real sure how hard I'll actually be racing it. I have a long run up (10-12 miles) tomorrow morning, so it really depends how I'm feeling Sunday (see also Health, below), as to how hard I "race" it. More of a social activity to kick of the 2010 HRCA race season. Here's to hoping they have stepped it up on the t-shirt design front this year.
  • Work - just friggin busy the whole month of January, culminating in a speaking engagement this week, which was complicated by voice-loss (see Health, below). But February (the month of love! and chocolate!) looks much more promising for a lighter workload. No doubt that will change.
  • Life - just friggin busy with kidstuff the whole month of January, such as swimming parties, sleepovers, playdates, soccer registration, basketball season prep, and such.
  • Health - spent most of last week with a bout of tuberculosis/pleurisy/bubonic plague which involved very sore throat, very sore sinuses, very awful cough, fever, and loss of voice (hubby celebrating that symptom).
Look forward to a mildly exciting race report in the near future; Go Saints!


  1. Good luck on your race. Can't wait to hear how it went.

  2. oooh a super bowl race!! Do you get to run in a jersey??? That sounds really cool!!!

  3. Good luck with your long run and race this weekend!

  4. Love to see that consistent action - keep it up. Have an excellent race (you know, you could make it exciting by tackling someone who passes you close to the finish line).

  5. Yay for first race of the year! Good luck girly!!!

  6. Yay for kicking off the racing season! Can't wait to read the report!!

  7. Um, race report?! I have to live vicariously through SOMEONE racing!