Superbowl 5K: PR?!

Ah, more like DNS.

Yeah, so I bagged the 5k last Sunday. Reasons why (all excuses, I know; feel free to chastise me in the comments):
  • It was snowing, with full snow groundcover, at racetime
  • I ran 11 on Saturday and technically was supposed to "rest" on Sunday (per my very official marathon training plan which only calls for 3 days of running per week...best not to contradict the Marathon Training Plan Gods, I know what happened last time I did that, hello fress stracture)
  • Hubs wanted to sleep in (if I had raced, he'd have had to get up to deal with Shorties, which he had already done on Saturday so I could long run and meet up w/running group)
  • I hadn't registered, so I wasn't out any money by choosing not toget out of bed and go get soaked and cold in the snow. In fact, the raceday registration would have cost me $10 more than had I registered early, so I actually saved myself money by sleeping in--win-win! (see how I can manipulate anything to my "benefit" Yeah, it's a skill.)
  • I wasn't really going to race it anyway
  • Did I mention it was snowing--and cold--at racetime...and...cold, and snowing? Only the hard core runners come out to race in that $hit, which means I would have probably finished 10 out of 10 in my age group, instread of the 10 out of 200 like I might otherwise (who are we kidding, it's probably more like 30/200, whatev). No it wasn't DC-level snow, but it was snow all the same.
  • Needed sufficient time to prep for the Super Bowl Pizza Orgy that was scheduled to occur that afternoon
  • 99% chance the t-shirt was ugly anyway (per the HRCA racing series Offical T-Shirt Design Guidelines)
Yeah so I bagged it....I have 14 miles on-deck for this Saturday but there are a couple of fun-looking Valentines races this weekend, so we'll see...I won't pre-promise any race reports to avoid disappointing you all. Nor will I commit to altering my trainng plan, in order to avoid the MTPG's wrath. You'll just have to stay tuned.


  1. I love your excuses... especially the last one.

  2. Hey, I heard it was snowing around your parts. Hope you didn't think about running that 5K...

  3. Girl, I'd have bagged with any one of those bullets. Good thinkin'.

  4. Did you do the Valentine's Day 5K today? how did it go?? I couldn't believe the snow when I woke up - ugh. Glad I got my long run in yesterday. Hope you're doing well!