Yaktrax: 3, Blizzard: 0....Starbucks: 473

I made it out two more times over the holiday trek to Nebrasky for a couple of decent snow runs. That bitch-a$$, weak-thumb, lame-o, second-tier Nebraska "blizzard" didn't slow me down, oh no, I had to keep on mooovin...but I digress to the dangerously precipitous edge of falling into a full-on "Break My Stride" song-and-desk-dance.

Starbucks, however, did manage to kick my doo-pah1. I lost count but there were faaaaarrrr too many visits to that little den of heaven/hell for one week-long trip. We are talking multiple-visits on some days. Yeah. So now I am back at work, in steep withdrawl...but surely nothing a little New Years Eve 5k can't cure?

Stay tuned for an insightfully (though perhaps caffeine-depleted) crafted post on my 2010 goals--running and otherwise--tomorrow. Should be more fun than cleaning out my pantry, which is what I did last NYE. Cheers to being over 30 and having kids...and not being able to get a dependable babysitter.
1 - Nebraska-Polish terminology for "butt"


  1. Yes a New Years Eve 5k sound perfect! :)

    Good luck girl! Have fun and step away from the Starbucks!!!

    Can you please post a Yaktrax complete with pics because I really want to see these contraptions and obviously have no use of them down round these parts... :)

  2. Yay for yak trax! It really does make you feel like a badass running out in crazy snow. Have to find something positive about winter running!

  3. I was considering this 5k, but then realized I didn't want to race in the dark, or at all on NYE. I'm lazy that way, I guess. Go get 'em!

  4. Im withya on the being a parent and not being able to get a dependable babysitter. I think it is a spreading epidemic, a serious one.

    *doo-pah* love :)