Yaktrax: 1, Blizzard: 0

I am back in good ole Nebrasky for the holiday festivities again. Luckily, we arrived at the in-laws the day before a nasty, windy, wintry blizzard hit. However, Shortie2 being the not-good secret keeper she is, inadvertently slipped and mentioned that one of my Christmas gifts was a pair of Yaktrax. SCORE! So, when the snow rolled in on Wednesday, I promptly started begging (and pleading and whining and begging some more) the hubs to open that gift early, so I could go for a run in the snowy glory. (I may or may not have used guilt and dangled the horror of another broken bone or head-injury possibility, resulting in a costly medical bill and sad, sad holiday in front of him. And more importantly, in front of my young, impressionable, and easily frightened Shorties. Yes, yes, once again I get the Mother of the Year Award...)

Of course I won. Gift swiftly opened, instructions skimmed, rubber contraptions strapped on, winter tech layers laid, fleece headband secure.

I had a superb 6.13 mile run in the snowy, non-windy goodness. It was the perfect snow run and after 2 days cooped up in the house due to the horrid 50-mph winds, I am extra glad I weaseled the Yaktrax gift and went. Plus, the looks of shock and open-mouthed gaping stares on the faces of all the snowblower folk and neigborhood drivers was well worth it, "Is she MAD?!" Why yes, I am. Thanks for noticing.

Thursday brought a slightly less-satisfying indoor 3 mile run at the local Y before it closed for the holiday/blizzard. On a 1/20 mile elevated track. Yeah, that was 60 hardcore laps. You better believe my ass was cruising faster than usual to get that over with. But, now I don't have to feel guilty about the holiday goodies and extra beer consumption. Here's to hoping the snow wind ends and I can get those Yaktrax out for another spin.

Happy Christmas! Hope you all are enjoying food, family, and good running [gifts] yourself.


  1. I just read the blog of the Mother of the Year. Sweet!

  2. You're going to need those Yaktrak, it's done nothing but snow in Denver for the past several days...woke up today and it's snowing again. I'm going to have to go get me some of them - 24-hour treadmills are becoming very dull! Nice job on the run!!! I hope you had the best Christmas ever!

  3. Hope you enjoy the Yaktrax's. Mine snapped a few weeks back. Need a new pair. They are full of awesome.