The Non-Blogging Blogger

Yeah, yeah, I've been all anti-bloggy lately, I know. I've just been like, doing a lot of stuff1 in the real world and the thought of blogging made my eyebrows twitch, so I basically abstained. But now I am twitching TO blog again, so la-dee-dah here I am again, alighting like a little peanut butter-encrusted2 fairy back upon blogland.

I have been running, more or less, the last month. Though I definitely wouldn't call what I am doing training by any stretch of the imagination, I have mainly been running for fun (hey, it's above 30 degrees! I should go outside and enjoy it! I think I will!) and friendship (running group) and occasionally to purge myself of the peanut butter coating (horrid indoor track punishment sessions). It's been working out well. My foot has held strong and all traces of the Evil Stress Fracture are gone. I would like to think that I've been much more aware in my running since that horrid event, but I am not sure of the reality of that. But I will say that I haven't done any stupid things like two-a-days or going longer than I am ready for, or heck, even going sub-8 minute miles (I know, sloth). But I am calling this my "off season" in preparation for what is definitely going to be on my plate next spring: the Colorado Colfax Marathon on May 16. Depending on how the early spring goes, I may also visit my BFF in Louisiana and tackle the Mardi Gras Marathon on February 28, just for fun and for the experience. But Colfax is definitely ON.

And finally, the Highlands Ranch Running Club (HRRC-yo) is finally legit with a blog of its very own....perhaps we can spice it up with some guest bloggers?! Any volunteers?

The holidays are just around the corner, and with it New Years Resolutions (I suppose this year will be Year of the Marathon Redux) and I am already thinking about what else 2010 will hold...the last couple of years have been big goal getters for me...what will I do with 2010? Hmmm....

1One large task that has had me blog-averse has been a curricular book-writing project. After writing all day for work, writing for blog didn't appeal. Plus I haven't been racing or doing anything runningly-interesting so I didn't see the point. Sue me.

2I have had the most insanely ridiculous obsession with peanut butter the past month, that I have completely given up trying to curb it. I am all-peanut-butter, all-the-time (and NOT just the m&m's folks). Which is really only inconvenient for my Shortie1, who is deathly allergic. Whatev.


  1. Dang - I just bought a box of peanut butter Ritz Bitz. I guess there is no need in asking if you want to share...

  2. those sound like a couple of fun marathons!!

  3. SHE LIVES!! I was started to get worried. Happy to have you back. I missed you and all your foot-notey glory. :o)

  4. I like to eat peanut butter straight out of the jar. It's just so delicious!

  5. Mardi Gras! I've had that one in the back of my mind for quite some time. Hope it works out for you. I can't imagine any PR's would be set (at least not in my case), but it would be fun, Fun, FUN!

  6. I think I abstain from blogging more often than I actually sit down and blog.

    Also, I find it very odd that the word "blogging" has now come in to verbage, so to speak. Somewhat amusing to me.

    Anyway, sorry for the random mental derailment there. Back on track now.

    So, randomly found your blog. Like very much. Also like peanut butter. Graham cracker covered in peanut butter topped with semi-sweet chocolate chips = awesome.



    Happy blogging/running/peanutbuttering.!!!