I don't need an excuse, cause I'm wearing my brand new shoes...

I got my new running shoes in the mail the other day. Now, they are new in terms of "they are fresh from the store and have never been worn before" but actually they are the same old shoes that I've been wearing for the past few months: Asics 2130's. Man, I love these shoes! I was a dedicated Nike Pegasus gal for years until i put these on my feet last year. And then ran in them. And then ran some more...and more, and more, and more. No blisters. No hotspots. No aches or pains! They held up on my outdoor-in-the-dirt-and-muck-trail runs! Fabulous!

This time I bought two pairs--hey, they were on clearance since the fab new 2140's are out and these are all So Last Season. But I don't care; I actually like the color of these better and I definitely like the $60 clearance price tag. And I figure if I am putting in the miles, having two pairs to split the distance is a good thing.

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