Nebraska: May the Wind Always Be At Your Back.

So today was slightly warmer and not really any less windy, but the sun was out, the sky was blue, and I simplly had to get out and run. I did my 9.6 (plus .4 walking at the end) miles and still had plenty of energy left. It's the days like this that make me realize that I really can do a marathon, if I just keep up the training. I definitely felt that the half-marathon in 6 weeks will be achieveable and probably highly enjoyable...and I may even be able to keep a faster pace than I thought when I started training. I kept about an 8:45/mile pace on this run, and picked it up a little the last two miles or so, probably closer to 8:00/mile. It didn't feel difficult at all to maintain that pace, so it seems the speedwork really is helping and I am making progress. Course, it could have also been the fact that the route I picked strategically kept the wind at my back about 60% of the time...but it makes me feel scootches better to believe the speedwork is paying off.

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