More Vile Snow

So all weekend I was all, "Yeah hahaha I totally missed the blizzard by going out of town hahaha, no snow for me, it will probably be all melted by the time I get back, Colorado sun-n-all hahaha, back to nice spring runs outside in the hilly goodness, hahaha..." ah, not so much laughing and gloating now. More snow this morning completely destroyed the lovely outdoor Birthday Run I had planned for 5:30 this morning. I am tough, but I am not running-in-the-falling-snow-at-dark-thirty-tough, apparently. So now I have to either bundle up and slog in the slush or buck up and go over to the rec center for like 3,000 laps around the tiny little track. Either way, it WILL be followed with some sort of birthday confectionary tonight. There has to be something to look forward to.

**Update: I decided to bundle up and go outside.
Did my 6-mile neighborhood street out & back, plus added a little for good measure. Evidently the cold kept me moving and I ended up at 6.8 miles in 48:09. So I guess we'll call that a tempo run. And there was devil's food cake with funfetti frosting for reward.


  1. It melted!! Did you get your outdoor Birthday run in? Hope you had a great day!

  2. Yes, yay for the Colorado sun, afterall! The sidewalk/streets were not only melted, but mostly even DRY by the time I went out at lunch.

  3. Glad you got in your birthday run (happy birthday!) and some cake.

  4. You really shouldn't write about post-run rewards, such as devil's food cake with funfetti frosting. It just makes those of us who've given up chocolate for Lent, really salivate. Thanks a lot. ;)


  5. I'm kind of a whore for funfetti cake. That would have gotten me out of the house too. :o)