Funfetti Frosting: Requires Adult Supervision

So either to your dismay (Xcountry2) or your delight (carpeviam) the devil's food funfetti cake was destroyed yesterday by Shortie2, who felt compelled to run grubby little fingers all over the top of the cake and grab fistfuls to shovel into similarly grubby little mouth. Bye bye funfetti cake; oh how I'll miss you!

However, I discovered that the funfetti frosting...is, uh, not so good for you. Not that I thought it would be one of the world's healthiest foods (which, speaking of--Mr. George Mateljan? A little waxy looking......like perhaps all those worldly healthy foods have preserved him WELLLLL beyond his Best Before date....but maybe it's just me that thinks that), but a little healthy frosting denial never hurt anyone, did it? Did it?!

Though, someone please tell me this--how is it that there is "0% Trans Fat" in said funfetti frosting, yet the second ingredient in the delightfully creamy funfetti is "partially hydrogenated vegetable oil." ??? So I guess it's one of those products where if the amount per serving is below a certain threshold, then they can magically claim 0, even though funfetti frosting is clearly made of whipped trans fat. Sneaky Pillsbury, very sneaky. I'm not sure I like those tactics. It might even warrant a change from funfetti to something more healthy like this for me next year. But don't hold me to that. Funfetti is pretty good.

Also, WTF is up with their little disclaimer thinger, there? What exactly is going on at this website, Pillsbury? Are you advocating using your funfetti frosting for some risque activities? Well, just to be safe, I'll be sure to keep my Shorties away from your filthy funfetti frosting website in the future.

Oh yeah and now for the running:
Tuesday 3/31 - 2.3 quick miles at the indoor track for warmup, followed by core work and weights
Wednesday 4/1 - Supposed to do 45-min hills workout with the running group, however it is thunder snowing. So today probably a day off instead.

And finally, one gratuitous unrelated link from my 'personal links' folder in my Favorites...just for the helluvit cause I'm bored and having fun with links today.


  1. Ooooo man I haven't had Funfetti in forever! YUM!!

  2. Oh I love funfetti frosting! And funfetti cake! I haven't had either in forever. Mmmm...