Back in the Game, Baby

So after what felt like an extraordinarily long time away from blogland (really only a week), I am back. Where did I go, you might be wondering? Did I go somewhere lush and vacationy like Hawaii? Did I go run a marathon in some exciting venue? Did I land in the hospital after my kids came after me for dumping them in the gutter face first last week?

No, my bloggy friends, I went to Nebraska (insert snarky remark of your choice here).

Anyway, after runinng my highest mileage training week to-date just two weeks ago, last week was an utter fail. I managed some shorter runs of 4-6 miles (which involved me quite literally dragging my dog behind me as she clung, paws-outstretched, toenail-deep, to the few shady spots in the 85-degree humidity of the Cornhusker state), but didn't manage to cram in a long run. I felt horribly guilty and quite cranky about this, but then decided to rationalize it by telling myself it was an intentional easier "rest" week built into my training. So that's where we sit.

This week I'll do a 14 or 15-miler. I swear.


  1. Don't feel guilty. You got in some shorter runs, so you won't be out of shape and your body will feel rested.

  2. There is nothing wrong with a recovery week :-) Hey at least you did something!

  3. Oh, don't worry! You have to cut back before you build up! You were giving your legs a break. ;)


  4. I've never been to Nebraska - I'm sure it has its good points? And a rest week usually is a good idea, or so I hear... :)

  5. It could have been worse. Nebraska's the cornhusker state, but right next door is Kansas - the cornholer state.

    You might've had to go there.

    And believe me, you don't even wanna KNOW what they're into in South Dakota, but it's SOOO weird, even Kansans are grossed out by it!

    See? It coulda been waaaayy worse.

  6. Hey, Nebraska rocks! Just kidding, it really doesn't. :o)

  7. Hey, does that link take you to MY blog?! YAY.

    I didn't represent NE all that well with my previous comment did I? :o)