Things That Happened on my Friday Run

Yesterday was a weird run day. The weather was a little weird--I kept expecting it to rain as it was forecast to do and slightly ominous looking clouds kept rolling past, but then it would get blue and sunny again. So I set out, not sure how long I would go. Thought perhaps 5 or 6 miles but considered going longer in case it snowed today (which it did) and I couldn't get outside for my scheduled long run. I ended up winding around in loops and circles and going for 9.84 miles (apparently, I calculated my 10 miles badly). ANYWAY. The "highlights" of my run:

1- After joking about it yesterday, I actually saw a coyote ahead of me on the trail today. I froze and racked my brain trying to remember what the display at our neighborhood rec center said to do if you came across a coyote on the trails....and...blank. Nothing. Complete brain fart. In lieu of doing whatever the "right" thing is, I just froze and waited. He did eventually skulk away and in retrospect, I am just really glad it wasn't a mountain lion instead. Perhaps I should stop joking about that...and read the helpful signs posted on the trail about what to do when you encounter wildlife.

2 - A bug flew into my mouth. As soon as I saw it near my head, I thought "wouldn't that be so gross if it actually flew into my mouth?" and then it did. And I tried to spit is right back out, But I am fairly confident it got lodged in my gum in the process and I felt a crunch when I chewed. So then I had to spit my gum out. And I hate running without gum.

3 - I sort of ran the race course (the non-muddy parts) of the upcoming HRCA Heritage 10K. I discovered there are some mean-ass beyotch uphills on this course. What I want to know is who is in charge of making these HRCA race courses, and haven't you ever heard of running downhill?? I am not sure what kind of expectation to have for my time now, since hills are always the great unknown in my running performance...

4 - My garmin told me I burned 1200 calories. This seems like a lot....I was wearing my heart rate monitor and I do have it programmed for my age/gender/weight. I am still not sure I believe it, though. 1200 seems excessive...maybe it was all those effing uphills??? Or the coyote scare? Does fear make you burn more calories?

Today I may do a mile or two to loosen/warm up before my weights/core work. Or I may not...haven't decided yet. The snow and blustery cold (it's APRIL for fu(k's sake!) have made me sluggish.


  1. Sounds like a decent run. Highlights and all! I thought the general rule of thumb was 100 calories per mile. I know it varies for everyone. I typically burn slightly less than 100. Even for my marathons, I loose around 2400.


  2. Nice run! I have also experienced several of your 'highlights' on my runs! I live in SoCal and run mostly on trails, so bugs and coyotes are par for the course. Don't worry too much about the song dogs - they're usually really timid and I have never heard of someone being harmed by one except in odd circumstances (harassing the coyote, during whelping season or if the person has a small dog or child with them). When I see them, I usually stop and try not to make eye contact. I think they are so beautiful and they add a wilderness element to my run. I'm with you on the mountain lions though - no thanks!!