Busy but Running

Last week when things were slow and I had time, I got all fancy with actual thoughts, pictures and links and crap. Well, now I'm busy so it is just boring old run stats.

Saturday - 1 mile warmup, weights/core
Sunday - off
Monday - 5 miles in 41:09

Items of note so far this week are
1) It is not snowing (yet)
2) My car fell apart yesterday for no apparent reason (trip to the dealership this morning, now stuck at work without car and no lunch*...
3)10K on Saturday--yay
4)did I mention no snow?!

*This required that I walk 8 blocks to get lunch...unfortunately I chose to wear 3" heels and a dress today and the feet simply would have no part of it. The only solution was to put on my running shoes with my dress for the walk. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, today I became That Girl who wears sneakers with dresses. Actually I should probably say That Lady, because I am not sure I still qualify for the girl category anymore, at my age. My pride is gone, but at least I Saved The Feet for my long run today. And I hope I don't end up on the Glamour.com Don'ts page.


  1. Lol! I smirk at the business women who wear running shoes with dresses/skirts. Which is really silly, because I KNOW I'd do the same thing as opposed to walking in heels. 3 inch, no less!

    Forget the pride, you just saved your feet!


  2. Haha, the exquisite irony is that I too smirk at them!

  3. I used to do that ALL the time when I'd walk to work or running through the airport - full on suit then sneakers - the walking fashion faux pas!

    Seriously though, much better than blistered feet & tight calves :)

  4. I wear flip flops all the time and then change into heels in my office. I feel like Mr. Rodgers, but you gotta save the legs for the running!

  5. I've given up on heels. So sad for someone who is 5'2", but after an Achilles injury last fall I've centered my outfits around comfy shoes. Glamour would disapprove.