Good Plan, Bad Execution

Tuesday's plan:

1 - Drop off Shortie1 at soccer practice.
2 - Drive home, get double stoller, install Shortie2, run back to Shortie1's soccer practice.
3 - Pick up Shortie1, install in stroller, run home with both and arrive in time to cook dinner for all.

The execution:
1 - Drop of Shortie1 a soccer practice, 10 minutes late because of traffic and slowness at daycare.
2 - Drive home, find double stroller up on hook waaaayyyy high in the garage as hubs forgot to get it down before going on his run. Waste 10 minutes getting ladder out in order to retrieve stroller. Nearly drop stroller on Shortie2, who asks "You got it mom? You got stroller? Not drop it?"
3 - Another 10 minutes making 4 return trips inside for: milk (Shortie2), snack (both Shorties), potty break (me and Shortie2), water (me).
4 - Finally set off, 35 minutes behind schedule...20 minutes and 3 miles to get to practice. Psych self up, "Ok, we can do this! Go!"
5 - Sinking realization that Shortie2 is considerably bigger than last time I ran with stroller...or I have lost stroller arms...or both. Begin worry that I won't make it to practice in time.
6 - Coincidentally meet hubs on the back side of his out-and-back run. Convince him to join us (and take over stroller duty). Feel mildly guilty as he has already run 10 miles. But not guilty enough to keep stroller.
7 - Almost there, leave hubs with stroller, allowing him to walk so I can sprint and get to practice field in time, so Shortie1 is not left wondering where mommy is. Panic, recalling in head conversation on way to practice in which Shortie1 says, "but what if you aren't there when my practice is over?" in response to hearing my great plan, and me pinky swearing, "Mommy will be there Shortie, don't you worry. I will have a watch and I will make SURE I am there in time." All-out sprinting now to make it there in the next 2 minutes.
8 - Arrive just barely on time, decide to let Shorties play at playground while hubs rests a few minutes before the return 3 miles home. Uphill. With extra 55 pounds of Shortie2. Did I mention uphill?
9 - Walk-jog home with hubs glaring and griping. Slight guilt that I convinced him to join me (that was not in the plan). Shorties whining that they are huuuunnnnnggrrrrryyyy moooommmmyyyy.
10 - Arrive home 30 minutes later than planned, too late to cook, everyone tired and hungry and unhappy with mom's plan. Rush trip to Subway.
11 - Apply for Mother of the Year Award. Again.

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  1. This cracked up me - I have often wondered how I will continue to run once I have children. I imagine it will frequently look like this!