More Laps and Potential Bra Pics

This is the snow that has accumulated in my backyard as of 3:00 today. It's more than 14 inches and I think it's more like 20 inches so far (insert appropriate "20-inch" double entendre here)--that taller snow on the back of the table is the full amount, as we scooped off a section of it yesterday at 3:00 to see how much more we got today. I had hoped to do a long run today of 12-14 miles, but I have to say that though I may be loco enough to do 70 laps indoors, I refuse to go upwards of 100. So I decided to do a shorter easy run today, with the sincere hope that the big ol' hot mountain sun will come out tomorrow and melt all this wet nastiness to where I can at least traverse the sidewalks. The one chink in that plan is that is was supposed to stop snowing at noon today; it is now 3:30 and still snowing. Hmmm...that better be some sun tomorrow.
A bit of good news though, the kind folks at ittybittybra.com have agreed to send me an itty bitty bra to test out on my itty bitty girls. Look out for a review in the not-so-distant future and, as I am not an indian giver (drumroll please)..... a picture, I suppose. (f&ck, I never actually thought they would really send me one...now I'll have to join the ranks of quasi-famous, pseudo-moralistic, massively-sketchy internet semi-nudies...hey, life is looking up!)
Today's stats:
-Run 4 miles/40 laps in 38:07
-little bit of upper body weights
-sledding and steamrolling down hills, then hiking back up. Also worked in some snow plyometrics as it was the only way to move through this knee-deep, wet, muck

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  1. I would cry if I had that much snow outside right now.