The Facts of [Running] Life

"You take the good,
you take the bad,
you take them both
and there you have
the facts of [running] life,
the facts of [running] life..."
Holy bejezus, that Mindy Cohn could act.

A humbling pursuit sometimes, the running. Saturday was my 10k race. It was cold, it was wet, it was windy. But dammit I paid for that race, I practiced that hill, and I was not going to surrender. The first half of the race was decent, I started out strong and a fair pace on the big hill. I slowed in spots on the ensuing trail hills......picked it back up.......and then crashed on the last big uphill. I was just tired, cold, and by this point we were running up a large hill in what felt like a 40 mph headwind and spitting rain. I jogged some sections, but I mostly walked. And this, this is what caused me to come in about 10 minutes slower than what I had anticipated I would do. Or perhaps just what I had hoped I would do. Anyway, when I was running, I did fairly well for me, staying between an 8:00 and a 9:00 minute mile, depending on the terrain/wind. Unfortunately, the walking killed my time. Hey, at least it will be easy to beat that time next year....

And then, in answer to my resounding defeat on Saturday, I did my long run yesterday at one of my favorite spots, the Highline Canal Trail, and completed my longest run to-date: 12 miles. It was still cold and damp, and rainy for part of it, but somehow, it felt great out and seeing all the other crazy people out there running, too, justifed me doing it. I think that is one of the things I love most about Colorado--no matter what the weather, you'll see some loon out running in it. And probably in shorts. Anyway, I managed to keep a very consistent pace of 9:30-9:45 and then picked it up the last two miles to 8:45-9:00. No walking, finished strong, felt great, and am not too sore today.

So, I'll take that bad race on Saturday because it meant I got a superb 12 miles on Sunday. And that's just the facts of [running] life. Now, finishing my taxes today is another story...


  1. Eehhhh sometimes the poop races happen, but that also means there is going to be a good one just waiting around the corner, right? ;-)

  2. "poop" races? When did Teh Marcy become such a priss?

    Great long run, sister! Good attitude, too, because just cos it didn't happen during a race doesn't make it any less impressive.

    By the way ... Tootie was no slouch of an actress either.

    And Mrs. Garrett? Man, I'd hit that any day of the week! Rrrrrrrr!

  3. Way to stick with it through the rain - I am going to have to get used to that when I move to CO in a couple of months! Great job on the long run, too - you built up running karma by running that 10k.

  4. I agree, it really is oddly comforting when you cross paths with a fellow runner in the wee hours of the morning in frigid temperatures or in the pouring rain. Especially when you give each other that nod and smile that acknowledges the brotherhood or sisterhood of running.

  5. CONGRATS on the awesome 12 miler :) we all have bad runs but its the best when they are followed by good ones!