Itty Bitty Bonus

Thank you Kathryn Wexler for introducing me to this...ittybittybra.com

If only they weren't $50. That's $25 per itty bitty booby. I'm not sure my itty bitties are worth that much apiece...but as a sufferer of the maladies outlined in Ms. Wexler's post, I am inclined to give these a try. If so, I will do a fitting review for those of you who are, ahem, also itty bitty (which, BTW, doesn't that almost make being flat sound cute, instead of demeaning?) though I won't promise any pics...unless the folks at itty bitty want to send me a free one. That might be worthy of a pic (yes, I am easily bought out...and anyway, no one wants to look at itty bitty boobies so I'll be safe).

Some other "fun" itty bitty things:
Alan Jackson's "Itty Bitty" song (or maybe it's Little Bitty...I don't care enough to find out)
Itty Bitty Ti++y Committee movie (huh? really?)
The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee (yeah, really. And no, it's not as you are probably hoping for, guys)
A lot of itty bitty crap that someone obviously has the time and inclination to sit around and dream up/make (and no, I did not find my boobies on here, whew!)

And with that I say, "You're welcome Glaven."


  1. Yes. Yes I am welcome!

    itty bitty (which, BTW, doesn't that almost make being flat sound cute, instead of demeaning?)O, come on, sister! Don't you know that anything more than a mouthful is wasted?

    Or is it "handful"?

    Either way, it's all good!

  2. Ah, yes. The boob loss. I'm right there with ya. Glaven knows this all too well. I LOVE that you found this site! I think I love you, as well. ;)

    Glaven-It's a "handful." Or, as a good friend of mine tells me, it's not the size of the breast, but the size of the aerola-no bigger than the rim of a champagne flute.


  3. I need these! Looking forward to the review - I'm dayum tired of floating around in my bras.

    GP's an @$$-man. Aren't we lucky?