I Love Free

I love free. Whatever it is, if it is free, I love it. I call the hubbs Bargain Boy, because he genetically inherited the trait to love anything--and I DO MEAN ANYTHING--that is a bargain (Big Donny that's your legacy, thanks a lot) but I suppose I am woman (and cheap) enough to admit that I just love free.

To witness: just last weekend, we were heading out of town from our Nebraska "holiday" and I saw a handmade sign on the curb that said FREE. Sitting beside it was a lot of worthless crap, but also sitting beside it was 4 rough but rather splendid dining chairs. Oddly, two were painted black and two were white but both sets had lovely matching Country Mauve fabric-covered cushions. ANYWAY, I quick got on the phone and called it in to my mother-in-law who was working on decorating a table for this little shindig and I thought the two white chairs might be just what she needed for her all white setup (with cushion recovering of course). Plus, they were FREE. I hope she went and grabbed them.

But I digress...the real reason for this post about freeness is not just to disguise the fact that I skipped running yesterday simply due to snow-induced laziness, but because I want some free stuff from onlineshoes.com, and the easiest way to get it is to win one of the awesome totally lame, don't go there and enter cause you won't win anyway, forget I mentioned it in the first place giveaways these two bloggy chicks are hosting. So in the interest of scoring additional entries, and because her blog is a good read, I am mentioning Chic Runner and her coolio giveaway. Also because I aim to be fair and her blog is also a good and laughter-inducing read, I will mention by name Marcy at I Signed Up for This. But whatever you do, DON'T enter her very cool super lame onlineshoes.com giveaway and minimize my chances. Buena suerte and bon chance, entrants!

Below is the lovely pink getup I would order, should I happen to win BOTH giveaways. You know, to keep the
grizzlies, mountain lions--is that the same thing as a bobcat? I have perennial confusion regarding this--and coyotes
running scared from me out on the Colorado trails.


  1. Thanks for the shout out! But are you sure you want to call attention to mine? I mean the more people who enter, the less of a chance of winning, right? HAHA

  2. Yeah, you're right; I'm a moron! Post amended.

  3. Yeah, sister, whatever illness it is Teh 'Bride has, you definitely have it, too, in spades.

    Have you ever heard of Freecycle? Teh 'B. is big into that. The woman across the street was tossing her old (but still working) washer-dryer set, which got Teh 'Bride's conservationist hackles up so she put a curb alert out on Freecycle and the set was GONE within like 12 hours and there was Teh B. "woo-hoo"ing and high-fiving herself for the rest of the day.

    I'm looking for a bike, but I am cheap, so I had Teh 'B. put out feelers on Freecycle and we'll see what happens.

    It has come through for us before.

    I'd wish you luck in Teh Marcy's contest but I myself intend to win it and if I don't I intend to PUNCH MARCY IN THE FACE!1!

    Just don't tell her.

  4. Hoo boy, do I ever know about Freecycle! Crack for cheap-a$$, free-lovin, homies everywhere. I once freecycled a box of Coffeemate creamer packets that I ordered in the wrong flavor. No one at work liked them and someone actually came and snarfed them. Awesome!