I Ran My Kids Off a Curb

Just as a good run often follows a bad one, the weather the last 3 days has been gorgeous in response to the cursed snow last week. I had 400 things to squeeze in today before leaving town tomorrow morning, and at the end of that list was running. Not because I didn't want to do it, just because the 399 things before it were all stupid, time-consuming things I didn't want to do but had to pressing issues that must be dealt with today. (Or so they kept yelling in my face.) ANYWAY, I got a free timeslot when Shortie1's rescheduled soccer game got cancelled, due to...mud. (Mud? Really? Whatever.) And just like that, a run was in.

Because the weather was outstanding and both hubs and I wanted to take advantage of it, and because we only planned to do a short loop around the neighborhood, we decided to attempt the double stroller. It is important to understand that the stroller plus Shorties probably weighs 100 pounds (they are technically probably too big to be in there, but we're risk takers like that) so this decision is not taken lightly--it was that nice out.

We started off, me pushing and all was going well. Until we encountered a lingering snowbank blocking the sidewalk ramp-thingy down the curb at a corner. Ok, no problem, I'll just bump over down the curb and go around it....and then I promptly face planted both my children in the [wet] gutter with the stroller on top of them. Much crying ensued. There was a scraped knee. There was finger pointing and fist shaking. And mommy will never hear the end of how she is "not safe" enough to drive the stroller. While I feel bad about the wreck, I am also secretly glad to permanently recuse myself from stroller duty. :-)

Today's run: 3.8 miles, neighborhood loop


  1. Nice "accident", sister!

    Um ... both hubs and I wanted to take advantage of it ...

    ZOMG, sister! You have TWO husbands? What are you - Mormon?

    No wonder you're always sore.

    (Are you always sore? Or am I making that up? But if you are, the 2 hubs would go a LONG way towards explaining the etiology.)

  2. Yyyyeeeeessss!! I've always wanted to do that to my kids HAHA!

  3. HA!! Great story. I can't believe you have snow still though. Crazy!

  4. Tell them it's just punishment for something they're sure to do worng at a later date and time.

  5. Haha this was so funny! You should threaten them with the jogging stroller when they're acting up.