Not now, I'm busy

There's that part in the movie Marley & Me where Owen Wilson's character verbally fast-forwards through a couple years of their lives with a very long-winded soliloquy; that is exactly how I feel my life has been the last two weeks. (Well, actually to be honest, it's been that way the last 5 years, but the past two weeks especially so.) It has been one thing after another with seemingly no rest in between. I've been so busy I haven't had time to think straight yet it feels like I've gotten nothing done--both at work at at home. Anyway, one thing I did manage to do OKthis week was run. Because I was short on time, I was forced to run faster in order to get done what I wanted...that is not altogether a bad thing. A little recap:

  • Monday - crammed in quick 6 miles at the park after work

  • Tuesday - crammed in 2.5 miles at the park after work, then another 2 plus weights and core at the gym after Shortie soccer

  • Wednesday - speedwork with the running group: 1-mile warm-up, few strides, 5x400 at 1:50-2:00 pace, 2-mile cool down

  • Thursday - 1-mile warm-up, 45 min of weights/core work, 1-mile cool down

  • Friday - off
Tomorrow is the Cinco de Mayo 10k and the running group is meeting to run the 5k course beforehand to warm-up. After that is soccer, more soccer, a friend's birthday party for Shortie1 and then hopefully some rest? (yeah, right) Sunday I hope to get my 15 miler in on one of the trails, weather permitting...in other super-exciting news, I will try to get the product review of the Itty Bitty Bras up this weekend. I received them and tested them out this week and can't wait to share my opinion with the world. :-) I know, I know, I'm quite positive the world is waiting on pins and needles.

The most exciting news of the week to me, is that I am now on a short countdown to my very-first-ever 1/2 marathon on May 17th! I cannot wait and am starting to do all the fun planning and analyzing to figure out what the rest of my training should be for the next couple weeks. (Like, do I really need to taper for a half? I'm worried if I do, I will be all lazy when race day comes and will run like a pile of mush. Maybe I will just take an extra day off that week?) Oh Running, how I love to obsess over you...


  1. Well I'M waiting on pins and needles to hear the bra review. And, I DO consider myself the world, so, yes, in fact, the world IS waiting on pins and needles. ;)


  2. Pffttt! Don't listen to copiaverborum: She's a crypto-Canadian and she has NO T*TS!1!

    Ooops! I forgot where I was for a minute. Scratch that second objection to cv, sister!

    Yes, you sure are busy. And you DID get your review up anyway! WTG, sister!

    Good luck preparing for the half!