Feeling Better...Bearly

So, when last I posted I told you I was sick... (well, technically I've felt ucky for about 3 weeks but chalked it up to allergy season) and Tuesday morning I awoke with a fever, so I set up camp on the couch and called it a Sick Day. I thought if nothing else, a full day of doing absolutely nothing, with no kids or spouse to bother, might help me heal up (important, since my race is Sunday!). It did help and I do feel a little better, but still only about a 7 on a scale of 10. I have decided (what with my advanced medical degree and years, simply years, of training as an ear-nose-throat specialist...which I'm sure has a fancy latin name but I don't have the energy nor will to google it and find out) that it is a sinus infection. I get them a lot, yet every time I try to deny it because I simply hate taking medicine (esp. antibiotics) unless it's really, really, REALLY necessary. So I've got a trip to the doc scheduled, just to officially see what's what.

Since I did feel a little better than a couple of ays ago (save for the abominable ache in my entire head/face and the tenderness in my sinal regions), and had taken Sunday-Monday-Tuesday off, I decided to join the group to run last night. Glad I did, cause I think it actually made me feel a little better mentally and emotionally, if not physically.

The workout: 4 miles
1.5 warmup @ 9:15 pace
3x800 @ 8:30 pace
1 cooldown @ 9:15 pace

Had I known about the BEAR loose in my neighborhood, I may not have ventured out, but as it happened, I didn't check voicemail when I got home from work so I missed the reverse-911 call from officials to "stay inside your home, bring pets and children indoors, and avoid open areas until further notice." Seriously, this is the kind of shiz I love about living in Colorado.

I love me The Denver Channel.


  1. Awesome. I can't wait to add bears to my list of wildlife to avoid on runs (current occupants include mountain lions and rattlesnakes)


    Not bears. Ear-Nose-Throat Specialists.

    See, I like to run in my expensive garbage-scented codpiece, so I could never live in CO. Because that codpiece attracts bears (and also certain kinds of women here in Joisey, which is why I wear it).

    (Now I get your blog post title.)

  3. I've seen bears on my runs around my house. I think dogs are scarier!

    Hope you feel better soon. :)

  4. I had some kind of sinus(?) infection for my last half marathon. I actually ran surprisingly well, but I was worse the next day.

  5. Well, obviously you made it back unharmed since you posted. Said bear must not have made an appearance. Or, a very mild one at best.

  6. Maybe they mistook your super fast self as the bear. Stop running around so friggin fast and growling at small children!