Immemorial Day

Long Restful Weekend: Left leg and glutes sore after 7 miles on Thurs. Friday rest. Blatantly skipped Sat and Sun runs (lazy/busy/weather). After 9 miles yesterday, my left hip and hamstring are tight and sore again. Must look into foam roller. And phase out old shoes. And return to yoga.

Long, "Restful" Weekend: Paint in my hair (still, after washing it twice) and unstrategically located across my body (benefit of hiring a 5-year old painting assistant). Shoulders sore from rearranging very heavy furniture in 3 separate rooms. Patience shot from spending 3 loooooong rainy days indoors with own kids. Apparently missed seeing funnel cloud near home (busy painting, yo) on Sunday; would have been really pissed if new paint destroyed by tornado. Tornado obviously sensed this potential danger and quietly skulked back up to clouds.

picture stolen borrowed from my friend who had the cognisance (no doubt
because SHE wasn't high on paint fumes at the time) to both
recongize and photograph the funnel beast

Today will be some cross-training (weights, core, stretching, followed by wine) and maybe a couple miles if I feel like it. I am pretty sure this is NOT what's scheduled for me today on my marathon training plan but pffft! whateva.


  1. Whew - close call with that funnel cloud! Sounds like you had a productive weekend. Furniture & painting is a workout too, you know!

  2. Yikes! What a crazy piece of weather!

    I bet you've got some nice arms after all that painting...It is definitely a workout!

  3. First - get some super sliders for the furniture. Makes even giganto furniture easy to move.
    Second - I have a bathroom that's half painted and several bottles of wine. You come paint and I'll keep an eye to the skies, just to be careful.

  4. Whoa, paint fumes high!

    Don't mix that with wine, sister! Especially if you intend to operate heavy machinery.

    I remember when Ian was 5 and always wanted to help with painting, etc. It's funny now.

    At the time I took refuge in beer, which is basically wine with the estrogen removed and testosterone added.

  5. Was your friend from Nebraska? I thought that was only a Nebraska thing to sit on your porch and take pictures of a tornado instead of actually seeking shelter. :o)

  6. Oooh, that sounds scary (the funnel). Oh, and I love my foam roller, most of the time, mmm maybe some of the time, well I don't know...it likes to cause pain. Other than that, it's awesome!

  7. Get out in front of that funnel beast and do some speed work! (Make sure you are high on paint fumes first)