Strength = Holding Your Peep for 11 Miles

First off, let me say that I am sick. Like, I probably should be in bed not out communicating with the world...but thanks to Mucinex and Extra Strenght Tylenol, here I sit at my desk. The allergy/sinus/cold/flu/whatever that I've had going on for the past couple weeks is now genuinely illness, and not just allergy bother. Anyway, I feel like roadkill, so I'll keep it short today. Since my half marathon race is this Sunday(!), I will be doing everything in my power this week to be well by then...hmmm, perhaps I should be at home in bed afterall...well anyway.

Saturday - 12 miles in 1:52
Sunday - OFF due to sickness

Had a great 12-mile long run with 3 others from the running group Saturday morning. We were at my favorite place, the High Line Canal Trail, and I had gotten up with plenty of time for breakfast, hydration, a sinus rinse, and 15 minutes of the weekend Today Show (and wow, I am not missing anything by not watching it normally, that is one fluffy waste of the very-loosely-used-term "news anchor"). I even had time for the hydration to go through me, and got TWO pre-run potty breaks in (I am just talking #1 here, or as Shortie2 calls it, "peep"). So I figured with two preparatory peep breaks, I should be fine for the run, as there are no bathroom stops on the trail.

Unfortunately, just a mile in, I was again hit with the very strong urge to pee. And, as previously mentioned, I was with a group (2 of them men) so it was clear there would be no sneaking off into the bushes for a quick leak. And let me tell you, I have now decided that the true definition of strength is not staying up all night with a sick child, or giving birth without drugs, but is the ability to hold your peep on an 11-mile trail run (did I mention the entire trail runs next to a bubbling, gurgling, water-filled CANAL?), while making pleasant conversation all the while. At least I know my kegels are strong.


  1. That's hard core. I'm pretty sure I would have caved and jumped behind a bush (men or not!). Now you know you can perform even if you suffer the massive porta potty lines like I did!

    I hope you feel better, and good luck for the weekend!

  2. Wow, that sounds like torture! Don't love that feeling when you want to speed up so you can pee sooner, but you're afraid if you run faster, a little pee might just come out?

  3. Mucinex is good stuff. Hope it works for you.

  4. You should have just peeped yourself. Then you'd know who your real friends are.

    Full Disclosure: I would not have been one of your real friends.

    Ian used to call it going "peepers". So now, teh 'Bride and I call it that still.

    We are a constant source of embarrassment to him, just as our parents were to us.

    *Sigh* Circle of life.

  5. I'd never be able to to that! My kegels are shot thanks to childbirth.

    Rest up & get well :)