RIP Gizmo

I am beside myself with despair. I feel on the verge of tears...a fat hole in my heart and my wrist light, empty, and longing. Yes, on this sad, sad day, my dear garmin (aka gizmo (after the gremlin)) is dead! The anguish! Sob!

I awoke this morning at the wee hour of 5:30AM (yes, I am shocked, too...I am so NOT a morning runner) as I deduced that early morning was the only slot I would have open today for a run, due to a busy work day and meeting a friend right after work for drinks/dinner. I did speedwork at the track last night with the running club, so I knew it was going to be crucial that I get a run in today to loosen up the legs in order to continue to be able to walk this week....so I reluctantly settled on a 5:30a run.

Laid out the gear on the bathroom counter last night, all ready for this morning. Managed to actually get up when the alarm went off, get dressed, shoes on, ipod on, strapped on gizmo, hit the on button....and nothing. Hit the button again, this time holding it down...nothing. Repeat steps times 3. Thought maybe I had left it on last night and battery was just dead. Plugged to charge...didn't get the little "battery charging" message...uh oh. But thought maybe it was so dead that it couldn't muster energy to display the message. I considered scrapping the whole run at that point, but decided that was just being a wuss. So, disappointed, I set out on my run wearing only my old timex ironman for companionship. (oh, he keeps the time alright, and he is so much lighter and slimmer, but I feel so lost not knowing my pace, heart rate, calories, distance, precise location, astrological sign, and bank account balance at the touch of a button)

When I got back home, gizmo still had a blank screen...no "charging" message. And he still would not power up. I fear he may not be simply comatose but dead....sob. In my cloud of despair, all I could manage to eat for breakfast was a banana and 2 oreos (courtesy of Shortie1's Safari Joe snack day). And a venti Starbucks (full caff, yikes). I think I've set myself up for a pretty coherent and productive day. Or a diabetic coma after the sugar wears off. 50/50 shot.

RIP gizmo, I'll miss you. But not for
long, cause I will definitely be sending your ass
back to garmin for a fix or replacement gremlin.

Wed - speedwork at the track 3.5 mi
1 mi warmup, 6x400 relays at 6:50-7:15 pace with 2 min rest in between, 1 mi cooldown

Thur - easy run
roughly 6 miles in 59:38 (pace? who knows. exact distance? can't say for sure. splits? one can only guess. calories? hopefully enough to offset those oreos...heart rate? felt racy. astrological sign? uhhhh sagitarius?)


  1. So sad! I would cry if my garmin died. And eat more than just two oreos, probably.

  2. Did you try flinging Gizmo against the nearest hard surface? Because I've found that that helps.

    I mean, it won't bring Gizmo back, but you'll FEEL better.

    How old is your Garmin? Because I hear like maybe two things about them: First, people talk about how much they lurve their Garmins; then, often in the same post, the same people talk about how Garmin failed them at a very critical point.

    I really don't get Garmins, I guess.

    Don't mean to sound like I'm dancing on your Gizmo's grave. I really just don't get it.

    Now, my iPod ... that's a different story ...

  3. I would also cry if my Garmin died. I was really worried when it was sick a few weeks ago (as it was a gift and I wasn't sure I could send it back). Hopefully your Gizmo comes back soon good as new!

  4. Hey...first of all, thanks for the nice comment.

    Second of all, did you try resetting the Garmin. The exact scenario has happened to me on a few occasions and it came back to life after a reset. If you peruse the Garmin Support forums, there's a couple of threads that will tell you how to do that. Check that out before you despair. Best of luck.

  5. I feel lost without my garmin...it's kind of sad! I try to hide my freakouts.

    I agree with Lam...check out tech support. My garmin wouldn't turn on or show any signs of life at one point (when I only had it a few months!), but I was able to get it up and running (har har) again.

  6. My Garmin has done this 2x. If you hold in the power and mode buttons simultaneously for several seconds, it should power up...

    Or, is it power and reset? Well, try both.