Everybody's Kung Fu...Running

Lawdy, Running is getting into everybody's pants lately. Guess my Secret Lover is out ho-ing around...(you know that only makes him more attractive to me, though). Every which way I turn, folks is hot-and-heavy with Running.

It all started in January when we got the letter from hubs' friends who proclaimed they were a Team in Training for the Lincoln Half. Then a couple more friends joined them to do the Lincoln Full...then Cross Country Squared nudged me over the edge and I officially decided I was in for a half and full this year...I started hearing about coworkers who run, and recruited them for a "corporate" running group....and yesterday I learned about two other gals at work who have taken up the affair--one doing Team in Training for the Nike Women's Marathon in October and one just in the early "make-out" stage with Dear Running (and now I'm going to have to worry about being faster than all of those other suckers, great).

In all the years I've been with Running, I have never found this many people lusting after my man. Oh sure, he was obviously out there cavorting, getting nasty with girls and guys (he's an equal opportunity kind of soul) near and far...but always he had the good sense to keep it on the sly. I don't know if it's the economy or global warming or the Brooks Running Superfan commercials getting folks all hot-and-bothered, but something is going on out there. Running has obviously joined match.com and found some takers. Anybody else noticed this in your community?

As for last night's HR running club group workout, we did:
1 mile warmup - 9:00 pace
2x1600 repeats - 8:45, 8:15 paces
800 recovery jog after each - 9:35 pace
1 mile cooldown - 9:00 pace

Grand total: 5 miles but I didn't keep track of the total time. I should have done one more 16oo/800 repeat with the A group, but didn't since technically I am still in "race recovery" mode. Next week.


  1. Running is such a whore this time of year. I think he has spring fever--mating season, you know. Don't worry, he'll be all yours again come winter.

  2. I've noticed more people running too. I guess all the cool kids are doing it. ;) It really hit me, though, when my mom took it up. Up until last year she had never ever run...ever. Now she'll be running the same marathon as me in October. Crazy, right? All I have to say is, go Mom!

  3. This time of year, I see ALL sorts of runners out there!

    There's also been a couple of newspaper articles on the resurgence of running in this economy - very interesting.

  4. I was just thinking that yesterday, as I was driving home and saw five different people running. Hardly anyone runs in my town, so it was quite shocking!

    Good job on the speed workout.

  5. More people run in the spring and fall than any other season...but come the heat of summer and the freeze of winter, the true runners remain!