Recovery 5 Miler: Very Smart or Very Stupid

I rested yesterday but decided to go for a run today. The advice from my much-more-seasoned-runner groupmate yesterday was, "Take it easy for the next few days so you can recover properly." Does a 5-mile recovery run in 90 degree heat at high noon count as taking it easy? (I did run extra slow, stretched extra and walked the last .3 miles back.) Methinks so.

I am either very smart or very stupid, obvi. (I think we can all guess which side of THAT the odds favor...) I did investigate what Runner's World had to say about resuming post-half running and I got the sense that one should do what one's body is comfortable with, yet not push it. Oh and that I should be a raw vegan, but that's another post entirely.

Well I felt fine before, legs felt fine during, still feel fine now, everythings just fine so....we'll see how I feel tomorrow.


  1. Hey, thanks for the comment on my blog. As for your post-race recovery, I think it's okay to do a recovery 5 after a half. Like you said, as long as you keep your pace slow and your heart rate low, you're "recovering"...and if you did it well than you should be less sore the day after than if you didn't recover run at all!

    Okay, am I making sense, or am I just babbling...either way, have a good recovery!

  2. A raw vegan? Ha! Runners World cracks me up.
    Wednesdays are usually my first run post-race, so Tuesday sounds about right for your over-acheiving self. :o)