Blog Sabbatical: Officially Over

Weeeeell, in case no one noticed (highly likely) I've been taking a little sabbatical the past couple of weeks. I got hit with a triple-trifecta of craziness (yes, that's 9 degrees of crazy) that forced me to temporarily abandon my lowest ROI activities, one of which, unfortunately tends to be blogging. (I'm sorry blogging, I do love you and you are important to me. It's just that, quite frankly, you hover near the bottom of my Top 8 Most Important Activities and you tend to be the most congenial when ignored: the kids get in my face and yell or poke me, the hubs whines and pouts, work witholds financial reward, the dogs poop on the carpet, Running pimp-slaps me, and the PB M&M's 1 haunt me if I ignore any of them...so...I'm so sorry, but you drew the short straw. Luckily, I know you'll forgive me. Heck, you probably weren't even mad in the first place.)

Anyway, I am back from busy work projects, busy home projects, busy kids activities, busy long holiday weekend with guests, and super-busy marathon training weeks. Plus I was sick somewhere in there, though I think I only officially allotted a day for it as there was simply no time to dwell any longer on it. BUT, antibiotics in hand, soccer in full swing, marathon taper coming, and 3 rooms re-decorated and I am BACK, baby.

I've got a gazillion running stats to update on Daily Mile (thank you gizmo for keeping track of them for me as I didn't have capacity in my temporal flux capacitor to do it on my own) and some running observations to spew, so my darling blog you are back to Top 3 5 8. Top 8 for sure.

1 - The peanut butter M&M's have made a reappearance on the top shelf of the panty (at first I thought they climbed out of the trash can and came back to haunt me, but no, hubs bought them...coincidence? I think not)...and I've determined that as long as I stay under eating the 5.4-pounds threshold, my running doesn't seem to suffer, either. Win-win!


  1. Glad you're back! A person needs at least a few peanut butter M&M's . . . otherwise, withdrawal will rear its ugly head.

  2. Like peanut butter M&Ms, I, too, have a soft gooey center; like them, I am addictive; like them, I have my initials (GQH) classily stenciled on my midsection; like them, I melt in your mouth, but not in your hands* ...

    ... and yet you neglected me! But you managed SOMEHOW to keep seeing your precious M&Ms!

    Apology NOT accepted, sister!

    O, okay, I accept it.

    I can't stay mad at you!
    *Not, strictly speaking, true. I will - *ahem* - "melt in your hands", depending on what your hands are doing to me and how fast; and unlike M&Ms, I'm willing to pay you to make me melt ... but discreetly and don't tell my wife.

  3. Hey, I noticed! Glad things are still going well. :o)

  4. Peanut Butter M&Ms will eventually be my downfall...