Dear Readers,

First, I thank you for taking the 10 minutes out of your presumably otherwise interesting and busy day in order to read my humble little occasional musings about my running life. That combined 30-50 minutes is a real sign of your dedication to the sport, as well as your unerring dedication to avoiding answering emails, playing with your children, sleeping, or otherwise occupying your time with something actually worthy of your time. You are a small but mighty audience, and one I will continue to imagine in my head, regardless of whether you are actually out there reading or not. Why? Because this blog is cathartic to me personally, and, well, I do tend toward selfishness.

Platitudes out of the way, I would like to request one small favor: though you may speak another language as your mother tongue, if you do not actually read what I am writing or are not able to comment in English, please refrain from commenting. Don't worry, I will still imagine you reading anyway; I just don't want to have to make the effort to remove your incoherent comments from my pages. See, told you: S-E-L-F-I-S-H.

Warmest Regards,

P.S. - It's going to be a weekend of beautiful weather in Denver, and there is nothing I am looking forward to more than the Platte River Half Marathon on Sunday morning. Well, except the giant nap I am going to take on Sunday afternoon, after I SHATTER my 1/2 marathon PR, and with a belly full of post-race meal free meat (oh, the double entendre is just CRYING for attention right now).


  1. Just don't eat those Rocky Mountain Oysters at the B-horn, free "meat" or not. Good luck in the Half.

  2. Yay! Yes we are going to have beautiful weather here. Good luck and let me know how that race is...

  3. You just thought I was no longer around, since my blog has died and what-not. Not so! And you can thank Mr. Black Russian for my post. Hooray for Friday nights!

    But seriously, rock on at the Platte!

  4. Wait. Was this post aimed at me? English is my first language! I'm just not that ogod ta it is lla. I sometimes backwards things get. THANK MUCH YOU SO FOR UNDERSTANDING YOUR!1!

    O, wait. You meant toyBuM because her comments are in Fauxlipino, didn't you?

    Never mind what said I above.

  5. Hope the race went well this morning!

  6. HAHA, don't worry, my open letter was to the commenters who write in asian characters that I can't read/translate and the comment spammers. :-)