Back to the Track

Tonight was my first official track workout since, like September (pre-break). HRRC met at the outdoor track. Some new faces, plenty of the old gang. Minor problem: it was 30 degrees. It was dark. It was snowing. We ran anyway.

Ladder workout - 5.8 miles in 56min
1200 meter warm up
2000 @ 9:10 pace
400 easy jog
1600 @ 8:50
400 easy jog
1200 @ 9:00
400 easy jog
800 @8:20 pace
800 cool down

Despite it being dark, cold, snowing, and very windy by the end, this was actually a pretty good workout for me. I kept it even on the pace for the entire workout and actually did my last 800 faster. Felt good and strong the whole time and was glad I went, despite the weather. It's running in this kind of weather that make you stronger. And appreciative of the daylight. And sun. And temps above 40.


  1. Nice work. Track workouts are so mentally and physically demanding, but it is a rush afterwards and a lot of bang for your buck!

  2. Nice job on the track workout. I have a hard time with the longer repeats at the track - they just get so exhausting.

  3. Track workouts make me want to weep. Anything over 800m and I'm ready to curl into a fetal position of surrender right in the middle of that blasted oval.

    Great job!

  4. Speedwork on a track always makes me think of spring...hope it comes soon!

    BTW, thanks on dropping down your perspective for me on my post. It was appreciated. And I, for one, don't think you don't give yourself enough credit for being a good Runner (yes, with the capital R)!