Ah, vacation. How sweet you are...and so where am I, you may be wondering? Am I in beautiful San Francisco, preparing to run the half or full marathon? Negative. Am I by the beach, sunning and relaxing? Alas, no. Ah, perhaps camping in the serene Rocky Mountain wilderness, with nothing by my wireless card and a bear-proof cooler, and a long leash for Shorties 1 and 2?Still no.

If you have been reading this blog since my last "vacation" in the spring (though I wager most probably haven't) you may recall that all my "vacations" involve trekking back to the Motherland: Nebraska. Nebraska. Nebraska. In July. Yes, folks, I am once again in the Flatlands, visiting relatives. While calling it vacation might be a bit of a stretch, a Polish family reunion is the impetus for the trip. I know there will be Polocks, of course there will be beer; I am praying for [drunken] polka.

While it is nice to have a couple days off work, and it is fun to see the in-laws, the best thing (ok second best--the best is that it's flat here despite being wetly humid and exponentially buggier than Denver) is that we arrived in town today to have the father-in-law announce that there is a 5-mile race on Saturday, and were we runners interested in participating? Hell yes. So, just like that, my "fun" family (by marriage only) reunion turned into a racing trip, whee! Since we actually remembered the camera for once, I will attempt some action shots of the excitement that is sure to be the Run Around Town.

Tomorrow I will show my full geekiness and write about my and semi-failure (which turned into a-bit-less-of-a-failure due to my sheer and utter stupidity) on my current training plan for the Denver Marathon in October.


  1. LIAR!1!

    You've run off for a week of horizontal(-ish) fun with your boy-toy, Mr. Downhill, haven't you, sister? And you SAY you're in NB because you know no SANE person is willing to go THERE to check up on you - it's like saying, "Don't come in here - I'm taking a bath in wolverine poop!" To which the person whose hand is on the doorknob's response is [slowly and quietly backs away from door]

    So stop LYING about it, you Downhill Whoo-wer!1!

    (My fav Polka? The Lying Downhill Whoo-wer Polka. The Lawrence Welk version.)

  2. "Vacations" to the homeland are always a treat! Enjoy the family fun and I can't wait to hear about the race!