Two-A-Days: Workout Genius or Masochism?

So, lately I have been considering doing some two-a-days, just in order to get in the mileage that I want. I've been running pretty consistently in the early mornings, which I have come to luuuurrve, but there have been some days that I've been tempted to join running buddies for a second run in the evening--either because I didn't get in quite the miles I wanted to in the A.M. or just because I would like to run/chat with the folks that are assembling that day, for the camaraderie. I haven't done any of the organized group speedwork or long weekend runs since before the Rocky Mountain Half, and quite frankly, I am missing the group action (yes, I can already anticipate a potential comment from Glaven on that, and I will preempt it by saying "yes" to anything he might infer. And it's even better if we're talking about including pre-run bunches of bananas my friend, bunches...)

Anyway, does anybody out there subject themselves to two-a-days? Are they feats of scheduling and workout genius or just pure masochism for (hypothetically-speaking, of course) someone who ought to perhaps consider incorporating other activities into "her" repertoire? (I have fond memories of collapsing into bed every night after two-a-day volleyball and soccer practices back in my sporty high school youth. I used to love them! So I am thinking I might also enjoy the occasional running two-a-day, as the marathon training gets into full swing over the next few weeks. Ok, yes, it occurs to me now that perhaps I lean toward the masochistic side of the house as I realize I enjoy the "pain" (although it's not really actually painful, not in a BAD way. I mean I don't DO real pain, except the puke-threshold kind and that's completely good for you. Right? And it feels kind GOOD to sweat where you feel like you've been wrung inside out. C'mon, you KNOW it does or you wouldn't be here reading this you running geek) inflicted by my dear Running.)

Anyone, anyone? Bueller?

As for my real, non-hypothetical running, yesterday morning I did a lovely 5 miles at 9:00 pace with a running buddy on part of my favorite Highline Canal Trail (wildlife encounter=1 mangy-looking coyote). Today I am "off" and will instead cross-train with weights and core work at the gym. As it's supposed to be 96 today, this sounds like a great plan.


  1. I do two-a-days a couple of times a week - Monday and Tuesday usually, sometimes Thursday too. In the morning I do easy 3 milers, and then in the afternoon/evening a hard track workout and on Tuesday a mid-distance tempo run. It's fun. :)

  2. ... it feels kind[a] GOOD to sweat where you feel like you've been wrung inside out. ...

    Okay, show us here on this anatomically correct doll (girl-parts) "where you ... [were] wrung inside out". And now let this other anatomically correct doll (boy-parts) massage that place.

    Now video the whole procedure and upload it to youtube.

    See? You thought you could predict where I'd find the filth but I found other filth that YOU didn't even realize was filthy.

    Now ... hand those bananas to this other anatomically correct doll, the naughty younger sister of the first doll ...

    Don't worry. She knows what to do with them. She's young. But experienced.

  3. I have done two-a-days in the past with no problems. In fact, some science-type folks believe that two shorter runs in a single day are better for you than a longer run as far as burning calories and overall health.

  4. I would probably do 2 a days if I had time and if I thought I wouldn't get injured.