Dog Days of Blogging

I think my crazy-busy two weeks of work before the holiday have completely fried my brain. Either that or the dog days of blogging have set in...I could blame the heat, or the post-holiday slow week, or Michael Jackson's death (because really, who can function in the aftermath? certainly not all the crying facebook/twitter commenters participating on cnn.com yesterday. hey, i only watched it for the music and to catch a glimpse of diana ross' hair) but mostly it's probably the fact that my life lately has been kinda boring. Run. Work. Kids. Sleep. Repeat.

I simply don't have much to write about today (and not for lack of trying; I've been rolling around in my noggin what mental diarrhea I feel the need to get out of my head over the last few days, but keep coming up constipated. and you know constipation of any kind is never good.) other than the fact that I had a lovely early morning run with my old pal Cross Country Squared this morning. She is in town for worksy-type activities and I somehow got her to drag her bones out of bed and meet me for a 5:30AM run. Glad she did as it was good to see her again and catch up, and the chatting just made the 5 miles fly by. And a little shout out--I want to heartily thank her for hanging with me, when I could tell she would have gone a lot faster (and probably farther) on her own.

We did my relatively flat post office loop of 5.28 miles in 47:39 (plus a potty break for me halfway through; my bladder is the size of a peanut, I'm used to it) for a 9:01 pace. Good start to the day.

Depending on the heat and how my day goes, I am considering trying a two-a-day today and doing some track work tonight. But don't hold me to it, now that Michael's gone.


  1. If she's XC squared, how come YER not M-squared Marathon?

    You'd be M to the M-th power faster, if you were.

    Think about it. Because thinking about it is bound to break that logjam of mental constipation. And the blogosphere could use a whole lot more brainpoop at this point.

  2. How can we function in a post MJ world? Everything has changed. Just like 9/11.

  3. Ugh - happens to me all the time. Thoughts rambling around my head on the run, but when it comes to sit down to blog - nuthin!

    Sounds like a fun run with XC2 :)