Found: Perfect Pre-Morning-Run Food

So, after my awful, exhausted early-morning-run last week, I decided that perhaps I should re-think my pre-early-morning-run food choices. Perhaps a banana is no longer good enough (i'm sorry Banana, please don't be upset; I do still love you and will continue to scarf you frequently at other times of the day)?

Since I've been running more often in the early morning, I've noticed the not-entirely-unpleasant-yet-kind-of-annoying-and-completely-unexpected side effect of apparently losing some weight (yes, I know, many people kill to lose a few pounds while I have done so by doing nothing more than altering the time of day that I run, while still maintaining my daily Starbucks addiction and penchant for all things chocolate and way more pizza indulgences that I should be allowed; I know it's completely unfair and I ought to just be thankful) which is actually, slightly annoying. Annoying because it was unintentional and now many of my work clothes are a bit saggy--not a good look for a suit. But I digress...so I decided that perhaps I am now lower on body fat than before, thus not having as much to burn on an early morning run, a measly (but delicious all the same) banana simply isn't going to cut it to keep me going for more than a 2 mile run. And if my a$$ is waking up at 5:15 to run, I'm damn sure going more than 2 miles.

So, last weekend at the grocery store, I spotted some cinnamon raisin bread....hmm, I like bread...I like cinnamon...I like raisins...I'll give it a whirl. At 100 calories a slice, it isn't decadent, but 2 slices is enough to give me energy without making me feel too full that early in the morning. I am happy to say that my runs all week (yes, there have been multiple 5:30am runs this week; it is just SO nice then without the sun and heat, and with all the birds chirping) have been 3,000 times better. (perhaps even 3,001 times better) I even had a strong 7 miles yesterday morning without being completely pooped out by the end. Still had energy left and rocked out a grueling day of work.

Cinnamon-raisin bread, you have earned yourself a permanent spot on my grocery list. Well done, very well done humble bread.


  1. Awesome, that's my FAV pre-race fuel (minus the raisins, I get raisin free). I absolutely LOVE cinnamon bread. To the extent that I can't actually keep it in the house unless I'm doing heavy training because I would eat it for every meal. Welcome to the cinnamon bread running bandwagon!

  2. That is too cute....Thanks for the product endorsement. FYI Bloggy Giveaway on my site today... Check it out..

  3. I'm with jawsome - no raisins. Early morning weather is so nice, I just wish it wasn't so... early. See you at the 5K on Saturday? I'm going to do it to get my baseline, and hopefully shave my 5K by the end of the year. I'm pitifully slow. :(

  4. 'm sorry Banana, please don't be upset; I do still love you and will continue to scarf you frequently at other times of the day ...

    I'm sorry, sister, but this ... this mash note to the banana compels me to ask ... are you talking to a banana or a (nudge-nudge, wink-wink) "banana"? Because I'm thinking only the latter - long; thick; firm-yet-yielding - could excite that kinda reaction from a skirt. (And if it's actually honest-to-Jebus yellow, better have him checked for jaundice.)

    I haven't quite figured out what "cinnamon raisin bread" is a euphemism for, but be careful, because it sounds like the kind of deviant act they still arrest people for in your area of the Bible Belt.

    Good job on the "runs", assuming that's what they really are.

    If they're something else? Even BETTER job, sister!