And Twice on Tuesdays

So I finally did my first, official, planned two-a-day yesterday. Started off the morning with a 5:00 AM run of 6.5 miles on my hilly route. After the hills of the Wild West Relay last weekend--at 8500+ feet altitude (race report coming soon...let's just say it wasn't AT ALL what I expected...)--I realize that consistently running my hilly routes more often, as I have done this summer, has really made a difference. My legs simply don't get tired, and I am able to keep my pace consistent on the uphill. This is definitely a good thing.

My second session of the day was after work, at the rec center on the indoor track. I did 31 minutes, which was probably about 3.2-ish miles. Surprisingly, my legs were not tired, as I expected them to be. I did 10 minutes at 9:30 pace, then sped up to 8:15 pace for 11 minutes, then back to 9:30 for 10 minutes. If I'd been outside, I probably would have kept going, as I felt pretty good. However, the indoor track was monstrous and I was not enjoying all those right-hand turns, so I threw in the towel and did some core work instead.

Overall verdict: Thumbs-up for two-a-days


  1. May I just refer to you as Hill Goddess?

  2. You're such a tease with that race report. :o)

    Nice work on that 2 a day!

  3. Twice on Tuesdays ... and the post is NOT about sex?

    Bait-and-switch!1! I'll get the Better Blogging Bureau on yer @$$!1! THEY'LL give it to ya! Give it to ya GOOD, sister!1!!

    Oooooooh, yeaaa-ah! That's more like it!1! That's the stuff!

    See, sister? That wasn't so hard. <--THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!1!!

    Good job on ...

    Wait. What was this post about again?

    Well ... good job on ... whatever it was.

  4. I second X-Country! Recap Tease!!!!

    Rock on with the double runs! You kick major hill @ss!

  5. Race Report! Race Report! I'm anxious to see what you thought of that relay. Way to go on your two a day. I should probably do more hills; I'm a wee bit of a wuss though. Although, they are too hard to find in Colorado as you know!

  6. Nice job on the double! Looking forward to that race report . . .