WWR Freak Out

The Wild West Relay is in two days and I am fairly-well freaking out. I feel totally unprepared for what to expect, no idea how I'll hold up in that environment, nor how well I'll run in the [real tall, real high] mountains. Seriously, I am really freaking out. At least work has been busy enough to somewhat distract me from a massive meltdown (however, my anxieties have found me in my dreams as for the last week i've been having stress running dreams every night. You know, the kind where you are running in a race and can't catch up or something goes wrong, or you are naked and sweating profusely? Normal anxiety dreams + running. Yeah, those are fun.). Unfortunately I now find myself with one project wrapped up and a small block of free time in which my freaking has found a nice home. Five more minutes until I move onto a new project...and the freaking will go back to being a low, dull, distracting ache in the back of my head.

But first:
- How will I apply body glide to somewhat intimate parts (i.e. sportsbra areas, bikini line where built-in running shorts underwear rub when they get wet with sweat) with 5 strangers looking on?
- I have been instructed to be "self-sufficient." Exactly what mix of food do I bring to tide me over 30+ hours, with running sprinkled in?
- How much water will I really need?
- Is it rude to bring a book and expect a little reading time while on the road? Or will everyone expect me to talk to them the whole time?
- Don't even get me started thinking about the outfits I'll need nor what will happen if (ok let's be honest, when])I have to pee every half hour...

Ok now it's time for me to distract myself again with work, before I start to pull out my hair and wander through the halls muttering and foaming at the mouth. Tomorrow I'm sure I will share more freaking out, probably centered on my legs of the race, and the hills/heat/middle-of-the-night running. Or nutjobbing about my lack of ownership of a blinking head lamp and sleeping bag.

And on the home front, I am glad to say that apparently a 5-year old can be fairly easily placated with a purple Hello Kitty battery-operated toothbrush and one gold dollar coin. Point Tooth Fairy.


  1. You are going to rock this! Stay positive and hopefully a few peeps with more experience in these types of things will give you some great advice! :)

  2. Okay, this deserves its own e-mail that I already started, but GOOD LUCK!!!

  3. Ooooh! Cannot wait to hear all about it - should be fun :)

    Good luck!

  4. You know, the kind where you are running in a race and ... you are naked and sweating profusely?

    Uh, no, I don't know. Please POST PIX of these dreams, especially the naked, sweaty ones.

    Unless there are Fat Chix in them. Because that's my rule:

    No Fat Chix!1!

    Okay, or Fat Dudes, either.

    I think you'll do great in your relay, sister!

    Unless you've teamed with Fat Chix/Dudes. Because then ... you're totally eff'd and if you're totally eff'd ...

    ... be sure to post pix of that, too.

  5. Dog Sheet??? I'm laughing so hard. Hilarious.

  6. Sounds like one hell of a race! Good luck and have fun up there!